Monday, December 3, 2012

one last grand & jolly effort.

what a weekend we had. things are just crashing together & speeding up into a frenzy as we try to finish everything before ethiopia. i've got one final paper done & out of the way - & two to go! poor benjamin has been up to ungodly hours of the night for the past few nights finishing up homework & other projects & i haven't been much better. he's leaving for africa before his semester ends (i know, right?! the way these students get treated sometimes!) which means he'll be taking his finals straight up IN ETHIOPIA. as if finals weren't bad enough, am i right? anyway, we both just keep telling each other it's just this one final push, this one last grand & jolly effort, before we can be done for the year. THE YEAR, i say!

oh, & think i forgot to mention a while back that i got my hair cut. done got it cut & colored by this girl when she was in town. so much new color in it, right? & lots of inches chopped off the bottom. for a while there i didn't even recognize myself in mirrors. i feel like a new person!

jacket: thrifted, sweater: macy's (it's husband's! i'm pretty sure when we bought this sweater, the tag read "WEAR WITH IRONY" under all the information on how to wash it), skirt: thrifted, heels: target, lipstick: revlon's red revival, i'm pretty sure

this next picture was my reaction right after benjamin said, "okay, you're starting to look a little crazy. lose the crazy eyes."

& how could we forgot ben's "nature shot" of the day below? we always joke that he has this secret dream of being a nature photographer for national geographic or something.

so let's all give 2012 one last grand & jolly effort, now, ya hear?

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