Wednesday, December 26, 2012

scenes from a christmas day.

oh, christmas morning. what a thrill, am i right? a time for togetherness. a time for good food. luckily, a time for sleeping in. a time for vince guaraldi, harry connick, & michael bublé. goodness, did we love being able to spend christmas here in washington with our hilarious family. 

& is it just me, or does christmas day always seem to go by really fast?? i suppose it's good that we have a few pictures so its passing won't be as sorrowful. photo dump!:

we're all about handmade ornaments at the whipple house. growing up, we made ornaments every december. every person in the family would make their own. the ornament could reflect something momentous that happened to us that year, a family picture, or really wherever our creative & bizarre minds led us. for example, in the picture below, my mom was pregnant in 1985, my little brother eli really loved the 49ers, we have family pictures from various years. your standard walk down memory land (& can we talk about The Year of the Bullcut that was my 1992?)
speaking of homemade ornaments, the one below is a classic one in our family. it is literally a dowel with a few stray crayon marks on it & a string through it. i made it when i was about 2 or 3...i guess i was ahead of my time?

we definitely did not make these stocking ornaments. they're way too nice. i believe they were given to us by our grandma. but you can see barney's purple toes in the top left corner - that ornament was definitely homemade. :)

this is my stocking, that ben & i shared this year. i guess i probably should get ben his own stocking? is that something i should do, as his wife? or is it cuter that we share a stocking? these questions plague me!

older brother jared as a babyyyy:
 stocking stuffer (that i bought for myself!):
western washing university shirts for the whole fam from eli! a great choice:
 white shirts & body armor: such a dad gift. :)
a mini-sized slow cooker: such a mom gift. :)

brother-in-law tyler using his new knife to cut open a present. that ended up being a hatchet. a hatchet!

this gift was a huge-y when it was all wrapped up. the largest one of the day, i think! & it turned out to be...
a great family picture from hb's wedding! a rare one where we all look at least somewhat presentable.

more white shirts :)

 a scarf we bought for rene in ethiopia:
 this present certainly won for most, ah, originally wrapped. & it turned out to be...

 a fishing pole! of course. 
in a side note, i got ben the hat he's wearing in the picture below (stocking stuffer!) & i'm pretty sure he didn't take it off for the next 4-5 hours.

mom unwrapped a little gift from dad that was this poem:
so we all run out to dad's huge truck. he had already set up a little footstool for teenser mom to stand on, because otherwise she would not have been able to see over the truck bed. :)
 it was a new office chair! a gift that will benefit us all, really, in the long run. :)
& then the whole thing turned into an impromptu garage party! do you see the bike tire & hanging helmet in the top of the picture? yeah, we definitely have bikes hanging upside down from the ceiling in our garage. do you??
 i love that this box is so huge you can't see eli holding it up from behind. 

last year ben's mom christie got me a sewing machine, & this year my mom helped me beef it up a little bit with some sewing gear. i'm actually also really glad that these strong new scissors came with the gift, because all the scissors we currently have back in nyc are, like, lame-o weaklings. & we just never quite remember to buy new scissors, you know?

 intense christmas reading! we had our local physicist helping expound on this book in no time:
here's the list my mom makes of all the christmas gifts we receive. she makes a list every single year! i never quite know what happens to these lists after christmas day, & i just polled my siblings & no one else knows. i guess it might be one of those secret mom things?

merry christmas!

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