Saturday, December 1, 2012

shot stories.

so traveling to africa is no small thing (as you might imagine). the other morning i had to go to this hour-long information meeting at the columbia medical center to discuss how to protect ourselves from cray-cray diseases in africa, what types of food to avoid, etc. etc. so...malaria can be a big thing there. as can typhoid. & dengue fever. oh, & yellow fever too. so...basically no big deal. not.

also, no dairy. no fruit except those that can be peeled (ie oranges or bananas). no veggies, no salad. swimming is not a good idea. neither is staying out late. drink only bottled water. & the list goes on. but it gets better! because then came the shots.

so your 7th favorite blogger had to get four shots. four! it would have been more, but because i had gotten a gazillion (okay, maybe more like 6 or 7) shots when i went to taiwan fairly recently-ish some of those carried over. poor husband didn't go to that blessed little taiwan island & had to get SEVEN shots. holy guacamole.

so i get the shots (three in my non-writing arm, one in the other) & suddenly start to feel dizzy. really dizzy. like i might pass out kind of dizzy. & i start to feel tired, & weak. & i guess i got really pale as well. how do i know that? well, my nurse told me, "whoa, you're looking really pale." long story short, they called in ben for moral support (i'm still not sure whether it was for me or for the nurse), i ended up having to guzzle bottles & bottles of gatorade (can we talk about how red gatorade tastes like cough syrup?) while stretched out on one of those chairs, the ones that recline wayyyy back like in the dentist's office, for about 45 minutes. we finally figured out that maybe i should have actually eaten something before coming for the shots, so then i guess my blood sugar wouldn't have plummeted? 

in other news, say hello to the wrinkled shirt/grunge phase i had going on that morning:

hat: gift, grey shirt: downeast, black & white shirt: husband's, vest: tj maxx, pants: old navy?, boots: tj maxx

in conclusion, let this be your take-away lesson: FOOD BEFORE SHOTS, my friends. food before shots. 

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