Sunday, December 23, 2012

soccer in ethiopia.

here's a hilarious thing: ben & his research advisor organized a soccer football game match to happen during one of the days off of the conference last weekend. get americans & africans together on a soccer football field pitch & wildness ensues, i tell you, just wildness. the game was played on the field at addis ababa university, which is the biggest university in ethiopia. it was so fun to sit in the shade & watch the game. it was my second full day in ethiopia (ben had already been there over a week) & i remember sitting on the sidelines & still just being in awe at the fact that we were here in africa, playing some football of all things! 

i took a lot of pictures of everyone during the game, but most of the ones below are of ben. i figured, what pictures would my 4 readers be more likely to look through: pictures of complete strangers playing soccer, or pictures of ben playing soccer? you see what i'm saying.

after a goal by the green team:

see ben there in the blue shorts?

this gent played in bare feet the entire time!:

here's ben & his research advisor. on opposite teams so they could get out all their aggression :)

a rare quiet moment in the match:

here's the entire crew after a successful (& by "successful" i mean it was both fun AND funny) football match:

after a hard-fought (& dusty! so dusty) game under the african sun, ben's yellow team ended up with the win, 4-1. in other news, our man ben had himself a great game. one goal, two assists, & never fainting once from all the running around at such an insanely high altitude! he was chosen by his team to accept the trophy for their win, & they were just giddy with happiness. who knew scientists could be this competitive?? :)

so. soccer football!

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