Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the faces of ethiopia.

these, the faces of ethiopia. oh, these african people. in just a few short days husband & i have come to love them for their humility & their easygoing manners. so friendly! so hardworking! while the american students attending ben's conference show up in t-shirts & button-ups, the african studentss come in suits. this is important to them. african students are so willing to learn - many have asked ben to show them how certain math & calculating programs on the computer work, & after ben sits with them in the 30 minutes or so it takes to explain, they just thank him & thank him. africans are quick to smile, & even quicker to laugh. no one is pretentious at all - in fact, africans are so incredibly easy to talk to. & i just love the way they speak english. gg and beck, fred-joe & john-paul: the names of african students who really are not that much different from you & me.

does it surprise anyone that africans LOVE ben? ;)

i'd add more pictures, but the internet just took my legs out from underneath me it's so slow. more to come soon!

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