Sunday, December 23, 2012

the wild monkeys of ethiopia.

we made it out of ethiopia alive! the internet continued to be basically dead & gone the rest of our trip, which was both completely refreshing & insanely frustrating (i JUST wanted to CHECK my EMAIL!!! three exclamation points!!!). nowadays we're safely tucked in at my parents' house in seattle & i figured it was time to pull out the old photo album to go through some pictures from ethiopia. now that i'm sitting here, drinking hot apple cider & listening to the civil wars appropriate sunday christmas music, it's crazy to think we were in ethiopia at all. but we were, dang it! & we've got the pictures to prove it! 

last saturday the entire conference took a big bus out of the city & into the ethiopian countryside, & i am SO glad we did. it was then that i really got the feel for ethiopia. we stopped at sodere, which is a resort boasting natural hot springs (although the word "hot" doesn't even do the water temperature justice. i could only dip my toes in before the water just burned. steam comes off the water!). what i did not know until we arrived at sodere was that besides being home to (burning) hot springs, it was also home to a native monkey population!!! (three exclamation points!). 

oh my gosh, these monkeys. they were so cuuuuute! ben can attest that i was squealing with delight amongst these hairy goobers just as i am now as i write about them. there were some little baby monkeys that i wanted to scoop up into my backy-pack & take home with me. but the best part? they just run around like pets! no one bothers them, & they don't really bother anyone. the resort was basically built around them, & they continued live there & have gotten so used to humans that they have no problem just existing alongside us. they moved so fast too. they'd just scamper in front of you across the grass & up into a tree like it was nothing. one little dude even ran through the locker room when i was changing into my bathing suit. moral of the story? one of these monkeys might have seen me with little to no clothing on. & there aren't many other mammals who can say they've done that.

lucky for us, ben in all seriousness harbors a secret dream of becoming a national geographic nature & wildlife photographer. so when it came time to document the wild monkeys, he literally jumped at the chance to snap these up-close-&-personals:

we need to have a contest to name this dude, am i right??:


i like the peekaboo in this one:

in other funny news, i forgot to bring both my razor AND tweezers to ethiopia, so i kept telling ben i might as well go to join these monkeys right then & there because of how hairy i was going to become. suspiciously, ben laughed every time i said this but never actually said anything. what does that mean??

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  1. My nomination for a name: Ali Baba. He has a sly, friendly look about him that I think fits well with Ali Baba.



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