Wednesday, January 30, 2013

new girl: the kiss heard 'round the loft.

will you allow me to be kind of a silly fangirl for a few paragraphs?

i don't really believe in "spoiler alerts," plus i think the term is wayyyy too overused (i'm not the only one! i'm not. the only. one.). so i'm not even gonna go there when i talk about the AMAZINGNESS that was "new girl" last night!

so many tv shows use the "will-they-won't-they" approach when it comes to coupling up characters. i'm torn about this. in a way, it's pretty awesome to just relish the little romantic moments between two characters, & analyzing it all, all the small signs that show he just might be in love with her! & it keeps you coming back, week after week, to revel in the sexual tension between two characters, & you always think, "will they, this episode? won't they, this episode?" i can see why networks & writers would want to keep them apart for as long as possible - the viewers keep coming back! i mean, talk about the ratings! on the other hand, some shows drag out this nonsense ridiculously long. i mean, we're talking seasons & seasons & years & years, arguably to the point where it's more fake that two characters haven't gotten together already.

but "new girl" isn't one of those shows - as much as i thought they would totally milk the nick/jess sexual tension for a few more seasons & make it all drag-y out-y. it just seemed like that kind of show. but luckily i was wrong!


as you can see from the photo above, the kiss was pretty epic! (about 12 seconds long!...i read that somewhere, i promise. i PROMISE i did not time it myself. i'll let you decide for yourself whether i'm lying or not, tee hee).

anyway, check out footage of the kiss & the little lead-up (she starts to walk away & he grabs her & pulls her back? classic. you can tell they just have wanted to kiss for the longest time.) HERE.  you won't regret it - even though the kiss is long & epic, the video is not. plus a fun write-up on the episode (from the huffpost, sorry if you hate it) HERE. the episode isn't up on hulu yet (or, it is, but it says you need hulu plus? hopefully that will change within a few days) but keep your eye out for it! because whether you watch "new girl" or not, you gotta love when two "will-they-or-won't-they?" characters WILL.

Monday, January 28, 2013

moschino prettiness.

so in my life, owning fancy designer labels is about as attainable as, say, living in the palace of versailles. it's all very nice to think about, & so very dreamy to look at & be around...but the chance that it'll happen is next-to-nothing, it's often so garish it doesn't seem like something that would actually translate into real, day-to-day life, & you probably aren't pronouncing any of it right anyway.

that being said, a month or two ago i spotted some runway prettiness in a magazine (or was on the computer? no matter). after looking more into it all & discovering even more prettiness on the internets, i says to myself, i says, "i've got to share such pretty clothes with my 7 readers!" because i've got your back, dang it! i want us all to stay informed!

anyway, i don't know. i kind of love the black & white, though, you know?

if you're interested at all, these are from the moschino spring 2013 line (see? hard to pronounce. haha). all photos via here. blah blah blah, it's silly. but you've got to admit it's a bit fun to look at, sometimes, yes??

Friday, January 25, 2013

cold weather blues.

ooh, that benjamin frandsen knows how to push my buttons. such a southern california boy! so tonight it's snowing, right? (here in nyc, that is) i had to beg him to put on snow boots when he originally wanted to go run for milk practically in sperrys! i'd be tempted to just let him get his way & make some snow angels in flipping board shorts if i wasn't so crazy about him. 

are there any men in your life who seem to never bundle up, even when it's arctic outside? i feel like this is a common trend.

speaking of snow, it started snowing right around when this picture was taken:

have a good night!...& try not to freeze into an icicle!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

6 girl power songs for when you're feeling exercise-y.

i'm one of those types of exercisers whose exercise performance is greatly affected by the type of music i listen to. like, really affected. when i go for long runs through woodsy central park on a frigid saturday morning, i might listen to something really soft and thoughtful, like the whole of mariee sioux's "faces in the rocks" album, & i'll feel like pocahontas. when i'm running down riverside park & want to really take some time to be still, with a gorgeous view of the hudson river by my side the entire time, most of the time i'll either not listen to music, or listen to the head & the heart ("lord have mercy on my rough & rowdy ways," i die), the civil wars, sufjan's "seven swans" album in its entirety, that sort of thing. 

but when i want music to get me sped up &/or pumped up? well, my friend, that's a differently story entirely. i've got a whole playlist of pump-up songs in my armory, but for some reason (or maybe the reason isn't so random), the girl power songs (& when i say "girl power," i mean, you know, songs that rock & are sung by women) just really help me get that exercising job done.

below is a list of six of my top go-to girl power songs. add them to your armory, play them when you need some motivation, & i'll bet you a milly you'll know almost instantly that your gender rocks (if you're reading this & you're a girl, that is. guys will totally enjoy too, that's the beauty of it all!). do you have any other great songs you can recommend?

girls rule boys drool! amen. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

scenes from our sunday: the ben, the shayla, & the wardrobe.

we've had a good sunday around here. a quiet sunday. although, what i really should say is we've had a quiet sunday interspersed with sounds of hammering, the moving around of large objects, & general manly grunting. why is that, you may ask? well, we bought a large wardrobe down at ikea in brooklyn last night & used our free time this afternoon to put it together (actually, it was mostly ben who put it together. hence the "manly grunting," you see).

google-chatting with christian! (ben's brother who just got home from two years in paris on an lds mission):

this view of the half-built wardrobe is so interesting! i know.


& then, of course, the scene from our table during dinner had something to do with the below.  you know when it just feels like it's time to rewatch arrested development? like, you can feel it in the air? it was just that time. (& luckily but sadly, there's only 2 & a half seasons, so that makes it easy).

hope your sunday was, in a word, awesome.

Friday, January 18, 2013

welcome that weekend!

ugh. i'm ready for this week to be over. over, you know what i mean? lately i've kinda been feeling like the worst plague to hit the earth since the time of moses. i've had a looong break (& classes still don't start back up for me until the 28th!) & i've become restless yet somehow kind of lazy at the same time. a few times this past week i've told husband i'm probably the worst thing to ever happen to him. i've maybe been spending a little too much money, i've maybe been wasting a little too much time on silly things, i might be laughing a bit too loud, & the list goes on. i'm thinking the cold days & the nighttime darkness that comes wayyyy too early are partly to blame (apparently i'm not the only one who thinks that!) do you ever have days or weeks like this?

but the new year is a time for change, dang it! a time to be better! & that's what i've been trying to keep my eye on. i've also been keeping my eye on the mini cadbury easter eggs that have slowly been making their way into stores around here to celebrate the upcoming spring. so you could say things are definitely looking UP. :)

have a good day!

Monday, January 14, 2013

celebrity crush of the week: kristen & will.

let's talk about kristen wiig & will ferrell at the golden globes last night & how FUNNY they were. i was rolling on the floor in laughter. muriel streep! "that's my cookbook"! & the cherry on top, "you. get. OUT!" their bit was the best moment of an already amazing night, in my opinion, & that's saying something - we're talking this is a show tina fey & amy poehler co-hosted, people! so. watch kristen & will below:

the best part is i'm pretty sure they ad-libbed most of this, don't you think?

& oh my goodness tommy lee jones' face. his face! check out 3:27. NOT IMPRESSED. the grumpy face that launched a thousand memes.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

love in the afternoon.

ben & i had been gone from nyc for so long it was exciting to have an entire afternoon to face the city together. we met up at 79th & broadway (ben was coming from work) to stop at levain, one of our favorite places to get cookies in the entire city. the entire city! because look at these puppies!:

these pictures don't really do justice to how heavy & big these suckers are. it's like they just took a fistful of the most succulent dark chocolate-chocolate chip cookie dough (or dark chocolate-peanut butter, if you're husband) they could find & plopped it down on a pan to bake.

after levain we trekked down to one of the places in manhattan we've barely touched - the lower east side. i've only been there, really in the lower east side one other time, & husband has never been there. it definitely has an atmosphere to it that's different from lots of other places in the city. the streets are wider. the neighborhood feels older, & more established (but not rich-established like the upper east side). it's not as gaudy. it's more run-down, but cozy. lots of jewish restaurants & bakeries, too.

our final destination? katz's deli, home of the largest, juiciest pastrami sandwiches you've ever laid eyes on & this, um, scene from "when harry met sally." here's the joint:

katz's is great. it's one of the top places to hit up if you're visiting the lower east side, the restaurant having parked itself on that corner on east houston & ludlow since 1888. it's got a great family vibe, a kitschy, old-timey feel and garnished with neon signs & pictures of all the famous people who've eaten there over the years. it's the type of place that only has 5-10 things on the menu, but those 5-10 things are the best, most delicious versions of those things you'll eat. 

i mean, just look at this behemoth! we ordered one sandwich to split between us, & my half kept me full until next tuesday:

ladies & gentlemen, this sign. just a table or two away from ours:

our full faces. so. full. after our sammich we just kind of sat there, not talking, for a full 10 minutes. so stuffed but so happily satisfied & wanting to bask in the glory of the pastrami just a few minutes more:

fortunately, the line goes pretty quick for how crowded it is. they only accept cash & one must be quick on their feet to make it to that empty table!

in conclusion, these long lines of salami:

katz! it does a body good!


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