Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012: the year in review.

for the longest time i kept saying, "meh, no year-in-review for 2012. too much work." but then i started thinking about how wonderful, nay, how joyous, the last year has been, & i thought, "you know what? no. 2012 was good to that man & me. i've just gotta do a year in review. if not for me, if not for the readers, than for posterity, i dare say. for posterity!" so. even though it's january 9, it's better late than never, yes?

okay, so, whoa. january. all the way back to january. let's see if i can remember what happened in the fran clan:

in january i was accepted to the english literature master's program at city college of new york. best. news. ever. my oh my did i want to be accepted to this program. plus a diet of at least three novels a week. (!)

in february, we celebrated ben's birthday in grand & glorious fashion. happy birthday again, big guy...she says to him randomly 11 months later.

march was a good month. knee deep in the middle of the semester & work though we were, we escaped for the weekend down to sunny florida for ben to attend a physics conference. but, i mean, it's florida! so we went to disneyworld, duh!!

...& then the very next day we went to universal studios, which might be one of my new favorite places on earth. that place just gets it. yet one of the things i remember most about that entire day was we just kept getting wet. from all those splashy rides, you know?

& who can resist harry potter world? oh, hogsmeade! oh, that butterbeer! i wish i had a mugful right now. RIGHT. NOW. even with that 40-minute line we had to wait in to get it.

in march we also had a photo shoot with our good friend kathryn. we went up to the cloisters, which is a quiet museum tucked away way up at the top of manhattan. we had so much fun!

in april we celebrated easter with a trip to the always-eccentric easter bonnet parade, where people from all walks of life get gussied up in their finery & stroll down 5th avenue.

we also took a trip to the brooklyn bridge & chinatown. yum to both!

in may ben took a trip to ontario for research. we also gave a sneaky-sneak peek into our summer travel plans.

on may 14th we celebrated our one year anniversary! it's crazy to write that, because nowadays we are coming up on two years fast. but i remember celebrating our one year like it was last week, you know? ah, ben. how do i love you? shall i count the ways? but let's save that for another blog post, because this one is getting long enough as it is, shall we?

in june (while ben was in ontario as mentioned previously), i headed back west to the old homestead in seattle to attend the wedding of our dear friends jeff and reesa. it was a gorgeous day with my family & this lovely couple:

i also put all that running i do to good use as i ran an all-women's 10k through central park. in a romney shirt, no less! through new york city! & here i am, still alive to tell the tale. girl power!

in june we also had a frandtastic weekend when ben's mom, sister, & brother came to visit. what a time we had. good sites, good exercise (when you visit nyc, you walk everywhere!), good food, good weather, & good visiting. did i mention it was good?

then came july. oh, july. the month that was EUROPE. paris, venice, rome, sicily, overnight trains through france & sunny day trains through tuscany - thinking about it now makes my heart just ache. where to begin? where to end? tell you what. if you'd like to read more, maybe click on the "july 2012" category to the right & read some of the europe posts. there might be too many to link to all of them here!




erice, sicily:

gelato & cannoli in erice:

in august, we done celebrated my birthday. how old am i again?? can't seem to remember. tee hee.

i also took a trip with my boss out to montauk & the hamptons. not too shabby for a work trip, eh?

we rounded out the month by flying out to LA for a frandsen family reunion. almost everyone from ben's immediate family was there, & now i'm kicking myself because i wish i had gotten more pictures of it all! but. needless to say, fun was had by all. how could you not, with beaches like these?!

in september, we ran a RAGNAR (i don't think it is in all caps normally, but it was JUST THAT BIG A DEAL). 200 miles from saratoga springs to lake placid, baby! that race basically consumed our entire month. ultimately, ben ran 20 miles in 27 hours, & i ran 19 miles. did i ever tell you ben ran a sub-6 minute mile pace the whole time? that's, like, superman to me. can hardly fathom. anyway, after we ran we said to ourselves it was the hardest thing we've ever done, but now, a few months later, we're like, "that was fun! let's do one again!!" are we crazy?? ha.

by october we were knee-deep in school & other busy-ness again, but that didn't stop us from indulging in some halloween fun like the procession of the ghouls or a trip to sleepy hollow. heck, it didn't stop me from hitting up a jay-z concert at the new barclays center in brooklyn with my boss. & what can i say? it was AWESOME.

we were also delighted to welcomed a new little bundle of joy into the frandsen family. he brings us more happiness than we could ever imagine, & we feel so blessed to call him ours.

november brought with it three Bs: barclays, brooklyn, & the biebs. that's right, folks, your 7th favorite blogger saw justin bieber LIVE & IN CONCERT. & golly, what to say about justin bieber that hasn't already been said?

my cousin lauren also came to visit for a week in november and WOW did we have fun. looking back over the posts of her trip, i was blown away remembering how much we fit in. "wicked" & "phantom" broadway shows, the rockettes, candy stores, shopping, crossing the brooklyn bridge, restaurants galore, backstage passes, drybar visits, mani/pedis, & so, SO much more. read some here, here, & here.

december saw ben & i madly scrambling to clean, pack, & finish up finals in one last grand & jolly effort. & then came the humbling eye-opener that was our trip to ethiopia. it still feels practically unreal that we were in africa just a few days ago, really. (to read more about our trip to ethiopia, click the "travel" category at the top of the page & it'll pull up all the posts for you to scroll through, if you'd like).

we flew directly from ethiopia to my parents' home in seattle just in time for christmas. with my parents, my brothers jared & eli, & my sister hannah & her husband tyler, we enjoyed a warm, cozy holiday complete with christmas morning breakfast, la opening of presents, & more.

phew! so that was our year. of course, in its usual fashion, this post kiiiiind of took me about 3 hours total to do, but it probably took you about 3 minutes, if that, to scroll through & read. *sigh* it is what it is. but. posterity! tradition!

yes, 2012 was good to us. i had more fun than i thought i would (i wasn't going to do a year-in-review, remember?) looking back through these last 12 months & remembering our milestones, our travels, our heartbreaks, our stresses, & the love that we've shared with each other & with good friends & family. so let's ring in the new year!...on january 9th.


  1. i. loved. this. plain + simple. what a crazy adventuresome year you two had!

  2. Whaaaaat? You guys got married May 14, 2011? That's awesome! So did we!

  3. Good girl for writing this! Though it takes quite some time to do, I find that if you keep a blog, it's fun to write about your year come New Year's since when the the next New Year's rolls around, you'll be able to have a detailed, photo-filled glimpse back in time. What a great post- enjoyed all of the adventures you shared.

  4. Tiffany that's so funny! It was a great day date to be married :) & thanks Cat. I'm always happy after I write one of these, even though I grumble about it beforehand :)



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