Sunday, January 6, 2013

30 rock: the wedding.

oh, how i loved when liz lemon got married on "30 rock." gives hope to the rest of us, you know? pretty much everything about her wedding to criss chros (read that name again: criss chros) was perfect: the way jack (alex baldwin) says "it's 30 minutes away, i'll be there in 10" & then he's suddenly walking out in a tuxedo, the fact that criss (james marsden) gets her huge ring & his grill from the police auction in the room next door to their wedding ceremony, how liz's ex-boyfriend dennis & his wife (girlfriend?) are there to serve as witnesses, jack's aghast face the whole time, how jack reads from the fountainhead & liz unleashes her priceless faces & various eye-rolls, and - best of all - liz gets married in a white princess leia dress because, she tells jack, "i'm a princess!" just, YES. it's exactly how one would expect liz lemon to get married. plus, why didn't i think of getting married in a princess leia dress?? well played, tina fey & your brilliant team of "30 rock" writers. well played.

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