Wednesday, January 23, 2013

6 girl power songs for when you're feeling exercise-y.

i'm one of those types of exercisers whose exercise performance is greatly affected by the type of music i listen to. like, really affected. when i go for long runs through woodsy central park on a frigid saturday morning, i might listen to something really soft and thoughtful, like the whole of mariee sioux's "faces in the rocks" album, & i'll feel like pocahontas. when i'm running down riverside park & want to really take some time to be still, with a gorgeous view of the hudson river by my side the entire time, most of the time i'll either not listen to music, or listen to the head & the heart ("lord have mercy on my rough & rowdy ways," i die), the civil wars, sufjan's "seven swans" album in its entirety, that sort of thing. 

but when i want music to get me sped up &/or pumped up? well, my friend, that's a differently story entirely. i've got a whole playlist of pump-up songs in my armory, but for some reason (or maybe the reason isn't so random), the girl power songs (& when i say "girl power," i mean, you know, songs that rock & are sung by women) just really help me get that exercising job done.

below is a list of six of my top go-to girl power songs. add them to your armory, play them when you need some motivation, & i'll bet you a milly you'll know almost instantly that your gender rocks (if you're reading this & you're a girl, that is. guys will totally enjoy too, that's the beauty of it all!). do you have any other great songs you can recommend?

girls rule boys drool! amen. :)


  1. love this!! must check out all your recommendations!!

  2. you'll have to give me your recommendations too!



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