Friday, January 11, 2013

for your consideration: "i feel bad about my neck."

that nora ephron. sassy, new york city loving, screenplay writing, movie directing nora ephron. creator of such movie darlings like NY152, that time when sam baldwin fake-cries when talking about the dirty dozen, bouquets of sharpened pencils, the question, "can men & women ever just be friends?" & the line, "it's not personal, it's business." she was also the one who helped remind us all carrie fisher DID, in fact, appear in stuff other than just "star wars." so. smooches to heaven for her, am i right? anyway, i could go on & on about nora ephron. i was a fan long before i read i feel bad about my neck. but now, after reading it?? there are no words.

i feel bad about my neck is a collection of essays in which nora invites us all to take a peek into her hilarious & heartwarming mind. i mean, the way she writes! you read the first sentence of a new chapter & you're like, "i know exactly how you feel!" three lines later you're all, "this girl just gets me." turn the page & you stumble across something that makes you be like, "you're sick of waxing too??  you're also on the search for the perfect haircut? amen, sister!" 

oh nora. you know how to make us laugh with your zippy one-liners in the "what i wish i'd known" chapter. you know how to make us cry when you write chapters like that one where you talk about how afraid you are of death. you make us nod in agreement like crazy when you talk about how messy your purse is. well done.

there she iisssss!:

below is quite possibly my favorite chapter of the whole book, that is, the one in which nor-bear discusses her great love of books. brava, sister! ink stains from extensive underlining optional :)

so. for your consideration: i feel bad about  my neck. it's light, it's quick, it's delightful. give it a read, maybe, if you want.

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  1. Thanks for this! I've been considering reading it, for I too am a Nora devotee, but there's always so much to read. This got bumped up on my list. Thank you!



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