Sunday, January 13, 2013

love in the afternoon.

ben & i had been gone from nyc for so long it was exciting to have an entire afternoon to face the city together. we met up at 79th & broadway (ben was coming from work) to stop at levain, one of our favorite places to get cookies in the entire city. the entire city! because look at these puppies!:

these pictures don't really do justice to how heavy & big these suckers are. it's like they just took a fistful of the most succulent dark chocolate-chocolate chip cookie dough (or dark chocolate-peanut butter, if you're husband) they could find & plopped it down on a pan to bake.

after levain we trekked down to one of the places in manhattan we've barely touched - the lower east side. i've only been there, really in the lower east side one other time, & husband has never been there. it definitely has an atmosphere to it that's different from lots of other places in the city. the streets are wider. the neighborhood feels older, & more established (but not rich-established like the upper east side). it's not as gaudy. it's more run-down, but cozy. lots of jewish restaurants & bakeries, too.

our final destination? katz's deli, home of the largest, juiciest pastrami sandwiches you've ever laid eyes on & this, um, scene from "when harry met sally." here's the joint:

katz's is great. it's one of the top places to hit up if you're visiting the lower east side, the restaurant having parked itself on that corner on east houston & ludlow since 1888. it's got a great family vibe, a kitschy, old-timey feel and garnished with neon signs & pictures of all the famous people who've eaten there over the years. it's the type of place that only has 5-10 things on the menu, but those 5-10 things are the best, most delicious versions of those things you'll eat. 

i mean, just look at this behemoth! we ordered one sandwich to split between us, & my half kept me full until next tuesday:

ladies & gentlemen, this sign. just a table or two away from ours:

our full faces. so. full. after our sammich we just kind of sat there, not talking, for a full 10 minutes. so stuffed but so happily satisfied & wanting to bask in the glory of the pastrami just a few minutes more:

fortunately, the line goes pretty quick for how crowded it is. they only accept cash & one must be quick on their feet to make it to that empty table!

in conclusion, these long lines of salami:

katz! it does a body good!

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