Monday, January 28, 2013

moschino prettiness.

so in my life, owning fancy designer labels is about as attainable as, say, living in the palace of versailles. it's all very nice to think about, & so very dreamy to look at & be around...but the chance that it'll happen is next-to-nothing, it's often so garish it doesn't seem like something that would actually translate into real, day-to-day life, & you probably aren't pronouncing any of it right anyway.

that being said, a month or two ago i spotted some runway prettiness in a magazine (or was on the computer? no matter). after looking more into it all & discovering even more prettiness on the internets, i says to myself, i says, "i've got to share such pretty clothes with my 7 readers!" because i've got your back, dang it! i want us all to stay informed!

anyway, i don't know. i kind of love the black & white, though, you know?

if you're interested at all, these are from the moschino spring 2013 line (see? hard to pronounce. haha). all photos via here. blah blah blah, it's silly. but you've got to admit it's a bit fun to look at, sometimes, yes??


  1. Oh I love.

    The other day I asked my husband to describe my style in a few words. He said "Thrift Store". lol.

  2. So funny! & actually a pretty amazing compliment - you're doing clothes right! haha.



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