Wednesday, January 30, 2013

new girl: the kiss heard 'round the loft.

will you allow me to be kind of a silly fangirl for a few paragraphs?

i don't really believe in "spoiler alerts," plus i think the term is wayyyy too overused (i'm not the only one! i'm not. the only. one.). so i'm not even gonna go there when i talk about the AMAZINGNESS that was "new girl" last night!

so many tv shows use the "will-they-won't-they" approach when it comes to coupling up characters. i'm torn about this. in a way, it's pretty awesome to just relish the little romantic moments between two characters, & analyzing it all, all the small signs that show he just might be in love with her! & it keeps you coming back, week after week, to revel in the sexual tension between two characters, & you always think, "will they, this episode? won't they, this episode?" i can see why networks & writers would want to keep them apart for as long as possible - the viewers keep coming back! i mean, talk about the ratings! on the other hand, some shows drag out this nonsense ridiculously long. i mean, we're talking seasons & seasons & years & years, arguably to the point where it's more fake that two characters haven't gotten together already.

but "new girl" isn't one of those shows - as much as i thought they would totally milk the nick/jess sexual tension for a few more seasons & make it all drag-y out-y. it just seemed like that kind of show. but luckily i was wrong!


as you can see from the photo above, the kiss was pretty epic! (about 12 seconds long!...i read that somewhere, i promise. i PROMISE i did not time it myself. i'll let you decide for yourself whether i'm lying or not, tee hee).

anyway, check out footage of the kiss & the little lead-up (she starts to walk away & he grabs her & pulls her back? classic. you can tell they just have wanted to kiss for the longest time.) HERE.  you won't regret it - even though the kiss is long & epic, the video is not. plus a fun write-up on the episode (from the huffpost, sorry if you hate it) HERE. the episode isn't up on hulu yet (or, it is, but it says you need hulu plus? hopefully that will change within a few days) but keep your eye out for it! because whether you watch "new girl" or not, you gotta love when two "will-they-or-won't-they?" characters WILL.



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