Sunday, January 20, 2013

scenes from our sunday: the ben, the shayla, & the wardrobe.

we've had a good sunday around here. a quiet sunday. although, what i really should say is we've had a quiet sunday interspersed with sounds of hammering, the moving around of large objects, & general manly grunting. why is that, you may ask? well, we bought a large wardrobe down at ikea in brooklyn last night & used our free time this afternoon to put it together (actually, it was mostly ben who put it together. hence the "manly grunting," you see).

google-chatting with christian! (ben's brother who just got home from two years in paris on an lds mission):

this view of the half-built wardrobe is so interesting! i know.


& then, of course, the scene from our table during dinner had something to do with the below.  you know when it just feels like it's time to rewatch arrested development? like, you can feel it in the air? it was just that time. (& luckily but sadly, there's only 2 & a half seasons, so that makes it easy).

hope your sunday was, in a word, awesome.

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