Friday, January 18, 2013

welcome that weekend!

ugh. i'm ready for this week to be over. over, you know what i mean? lately i've kinda been feeling like the worst plague to hit the earth since the time of moses. i've had a looong break (& classes still don't start back up for me until the 28th!) & i've become restless yet somehow kind of lazy at the same time. a few times this past week i've told husband i'm probably the worst thing to ever happen to him. i've maybe been spending a little too much money, i've maybe been wasting a little too much time on silly things, i might be laughing a bit too loud, & the list goes on. i'm thinking the cold days & the nighttime darkness that comes wayyyy too early are partly to blame (apparently i'm not the only one who thinks that!) do you ever have days or weeks like this?

but the new year is a time for change, dang it! a time to be better! & that's what i've been trying to keep my eye on. i've also been keeping my eye on the mini cadbury easter eggs that have slowly been making their way into stores around here to celebrate the upcoming spring. so you could say things are definitely looking UP. :)

have a good day!

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