Thursday, January 10, 2013

winter shows.

let's hear it for winter tv! "downton abbey" is back with a vengeance, & it's about-freaking-time, i say! (oh, who the sam hill am i kidding? i've already watched the entire new season 3 in its entirely on the internet). but at least we're getting close to the time when i can openly talk about all the happenings of the season 3

"the bachelor" is some more fresh meat, back with all its drama & "50 shades of drunk" (didn't you love when sean said that? the guy is kinda funny!). but i've got to say i'm actually kind of rooting for sean. he just seems so sweet & genuine. i can't believe i just said that, but it's true. & last weeks' episode did not disappoint when it came to all the spray tan- & alcohol-soaked cray cray, am i right? (watch the full episode here). let the madness begin, i say!

oh, and "nashville." that show, am i right? it's quickly become a fave. pretty sure i just engaged in what was at least a half an hour in-depth analysis of the show with my sister earlier today & loved it {but then again, i've been known to have hour long heart-to-hearts with my cousin over "the o.c.", so, it's just what i do}. i just love that deacon! his will-they-won't-they with rayna is the heart & soul of that show. (& do you remember when he was on "the office" for a little bit? ha!)

"the mindy project" is another favorite. i just love all that sexual tension between mindy & dr. castellano. plus i just find that show so funny. i highly recommend you give it a watch.

anyway, there are a few other favorites we watch around here. have you been viewing anything great lately? at any rate, let the tv watching begin!...when you're not at work or, you know, exercising or doing homework or cleaning the house, or bonding with family or cooking food or planning your future, or anything like that.


  1. Such good shows! SO excited for this season of the bachelor and all the drama! I just started watching Gossip Girl on netflix. I'm a fan... and it makes me miss NYC! I haven't tried Nashville but perhaps I'll have to put that on the list! Thanks for blogin, I love readin!

  2. Kristy!! We miss you guys so much! But it really seems like you guys are having tons of amazing adventures these days. Tee hee, I've definitely been known to watch Gossip Girl here & there. But yes, NASHVILLE! :)



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