Thursday, February 28, 2013

jennifer lawrence's fall TO grace.

if you heard anything at all about the oscars on sunday without actually watching it, this perhaps might have been that one thing: jennifer lawrence's little stumble on her way up to accepting the best actress award for her role in - that's right - silver linings playbook.

photo from here.

i think we can all agree jen's stumble made us love her even more than we already did. 

i mean, do we even need to talk about how there are already a million memes & GIFS reliving the fall?  you knew there would be. as soon as it happened you knew the memes & GIFs would come. because it's like, let's be honest, memes seem to slowly be taking over the internet, don't they? although i did find this one amusing:


& of course let's not forget the ever-honorable h-jaxx so gallantly running to the best actress winner's aid (sorry blurry photo, 'twas the best i could find)

check out more musings here of how the fall is an "all-time oscar moment," & the always-saucy buzzfeed's thoughts on why the fall was "the best fall in history."

i think i might call an audible & declare today the end of the we can finally finish up all this oscars nonsense!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

oscar party.

here's day 3 of what i liked about the oscars: on sunday night we invited a host of friends over to watch the show at our place. & while lots of people out there slammed the oscars for being sexist, homophobic, racist, and anti-semitic, well, we didn't let that keep us from having lots of fun anyway.

when inviting everyone, we announced that there would be a little competition for whoever could make the best food that corresponded with a best picture nomination. i was so excited to see what everyone would bring, & let me just say our friends did not disappoint (that's why they're our friends, duh!). we even had little cards for people to write the "title" of their food on. at the party, after everyone was able to test everything, everyone voted on their favorite best picture food, & then we announced the winner at the end. & we even had prizes to give to the winner! i'm sad because while i was able to get pictures of a few of the foods brought, i didn't get all of them. oh well, these will have to do:

brad & liz brought a cheese plate in the spirit of les miserables:

jordan & patrick brought crabby snacks (that were so good) in honor of one of my favorites, silver linings playbook (remember how the mom always says she's made "crabby snacks & homemades" for the eagles games??)

jordan & ansley brought bone-shaped garlicky bread rolls & dip in honor of frankenweenie (which they admitted wasn't a best picture nom, but their contribution tasted so good it all didn't really matter at all!)

steph & lisa brought apricot smothering pillows in the spirit of amour (which, ben & i haven't seen the movie yet, but rumor has it someone smothers someone else at the end with a pillow...sad story, but delicious when made into a food)

chad & michelle brought a cake that was silver around the edges & a playbook on was, quite literally, a silver-lined playbook (& i stole this photo from michelle's instagram because i didn't get a picture of it in real life, fyi!) in other news, their cake received the most votes & they won the big prize at the end of the night!

i was pretty impressed with what everyone brought, mostly because ben & i found it pretty challenging to try & think up a best picture food to bring. we sent the invitations out a week before the oscars, & then spent pretty much the whole week racking our brains for what to bring. black and white cookies in honor of lincoln? (black & white cookies are such a new york staple anyway - they even talk about it on seinfeld) a clock with "00:30" written on it for zero dark thirty

in the end, we took an arguably easy road & simply made a "red carpet cake." an added bonus? we used red velvet cake mix, so when people cut the cake open, the inside was all red!...which i said represented "the blood of osama bin laden" (it was originally going to be a zero dark thirty cake, okay??)

the cake topper was kind of intense to make, & was pretty stressful there for a few minutes as we were trying to finish it up about 5 minutes before everyone came...

...but we worked it out, somewhat, in the end. our red carpet cake. voila. & this is how i know i'll probably never really have a future in the cake decorating business unless i take some classes, or something:

a few in the group, watching old seth-y up there, hosting his little (racist? sexist? anti-semitic?) heart out:

one other fun thing we did was hand out ballots to everyone listing all the categories that would be receiving awards. before the show started, everyone filled out a ballot, & then when the oscars began we all swapped ballots & corrected each other's to see who got the most guesses right. the top six (best picture, director, actor/actress, supporting actor/actress) were worth 3 points each if you got them right, the rest worth one point each. at the end of the show (we're talking around midnight, that awards ceremony was long), we tallied up the points & awarded a prize to the person who guessed the most winners correctly!

another year, another awards ceremony party successfully completed. over & out!

dd-l is funny!

day two of oscars recap. sorry, guys, but i'm already wishing i hadn't made that bold declaration about how i was going to post about a different part of the oscars every day this week. after reading my post about it yesterday, ben was like, "are you really going to post about the oscars every day this week?" & i said, "........i'm not sure." so we'll see. i might have to go back into yesterday's post & delete that whole ambitious part. 

but let me just say i do have another part from the oscars that i really enjoyed, & while it's technically wednesday, it's only, like, 12:04 am & i'm still up, so it's like it's still kind of tuesday, you know? so this counts for day 2. tuesday.

daniel day-lewis has won pretty much every award there is for acting this season (& in other seasons of his life, as well) & he's always been very earnest, grateful, & respectful in his speeches, which i love. & he looks great doing it, you know? but last night at the oscars, while his speech was eventually earnest, grateful, & respectful, for a good part of it daniel day-lewis was, well, really funny.

check it out here. i mean, how he talks about how meryl was originally going to play lincoln, & he was lined up to play margaret thatcher? i love the laughter of the audience after his first joke; they're so surprised at how funny he is being! later he gives a really sweet shout-out to his wife for putting up with all the different men he's played over the years (because he's known for being a really "method" actor). & there's one point where they cut to steven spielberg & he's just loving it. you can tell he & danny are just besties.

check out the video HERE!

Monday, February 25, 2013

seth macfarlane's von trapp family fun.

phew! another year, another oscars ceremony. the oscars are over & done with, my friends, but the memories will never die. or will they...die another day??? (sorry. a lame joke/reference to the 20 second tribute to james bond they did during the oscars last night. although they did have shirley bassey, so that's something, right?)

anyway, i had a few favorite moments from the oscars, & one time last night when something really funny happened during the broadcast i turned to ben & i says to him, i says, "i'm totally gonna be blogging about that." so here i am. i was going to do my recaps all in one big post, but then i thought to myself, i thought, "maybe i could make it a little more special? like have a week-long thing where i share a different favorite part about the oscars every day? maybe that'll make it seem like i planned out on purpose what goes on the blog? like maybe this blog is a real thing?"

that was my thinking. i don't know. we'll see if it works. 

but this first one i'm going to share is the one I LOVE THE MOST. this was the one i told ben i was totally going to be blogging about:

so i'm not sure if i've ever mentioned before that the sound of music is one of my most favoritest ("most favoritest": i said it) movies of all time. of all time! growing up we watched it nearly every sunday (it was one of the few movies we were allowed to watch on sundays, & therefore got lots of playing time during those loooong days after church when we had nothing else to do. you know what i'm talking about, maybe). i grew up falling in love with christopher plummer on a pretty much weekly basis.

that being said, imagine my utter delight when they indulged in a little sound of music reference bit when introducing dear old christopher plummer, who was going to be presenting an award. the little bit could not have been more spot on, in my opinion. it was so, so funny! & from the sound of music! i was dying with delight. & when they zoom in on what's-his-bucket's face after the guy says they're gone? & then the swelling sound of music music when georg von trapp finally walks out on stage? oh my goodness. too much.

see it all here (you can make it through the annoying ad & the announcer at the beginning, i know you can!):

or you can check it out in the slideshow it was in on the website i got it from, here
well done on this one, oscar people! well done.

[of course, we won't talk about how christopher plummer doesn't really like the sound of music, how he hasn't made peace with the sound of music, & how he really, really doesn't like the sound of music. we won't talk about that at all *sob*]

Saturday, February 23, 2013

happy birthday, sweet benjamin!

well, february 23rd has come around again. i know it's late in the day of the actual big day, but i just wanted to wish benjamin, that ocean-eyed physicist of mine, my lover & partner-in-crime, a happy birthday! ah, the big 3-8. it comes to each of us. 

just kidding. ben is the big 2-6. we joke all the time about how we're almost 40.

here is one of my absolute favorite pictures of the benny boy, taken last summer when we was here:

here's a picture taken on this very day a few years ago, back when we lived in provo. yes, it was only two years ago, but we were just tiny things:

i love the picture below. not only because of our hilarious hats, but other things too, like ben's funny/almost awkward pose that he tends to get when he's embarrassed posing while other people take our pictures, or how i'm wearing my mom's coat.

oh, benjamin. i wouldn't be able to do any kind of justice in this one tiny little blog post to even scratch the surface of how much you mean to me. how lucky i am to be married to you. how much i love how hard we laugh when we're together, how clever & interesting & fascinating you are, how i'm better because i know you, how much i learn from you, how sometimes i feel like my heart is going to explode because of how much i love you, and how other sometimes i feel like my heart aches because of how much i love you, or any of that stuff. so i'm not going to say it...except i almost kind of just did?

happy birthday, benjamin! goodness, but i love ya!

jon favreau: to date or not to date?

the other day when i was working from my boss' apartment i spotted a priceless, i mean priceless, magazine on her coffee table. it was an issue of town & country from a month or two ago, & the headline splashed across the cover was all about the "100 most eligible bachelors in the world." a few days later my boss was telling me about the issue, because one of the 100 was a greek prince who was actually a classmate of hers at georgetown. as i was flipping through pages of the usual suspects of prince harry, various other princes, sons of moguls, sons of rock stars, &, of course, tim tebow, i came across one that especially caught my eye. 

[now, even though i myself am blissfully married, i like to keep an eye out on any eligible bachelor for my readers. all 5 of you. so let me tell you about this guy i noticed!]

name: jon favreau (of french descent! you know how french men are. *wink wink* [i talk like i know])

nicknames: "favs," president obama calls him his "mind reader"

age: 32

occupation: freaking white house director of speechwriting for barack obama, besties with barry obama

accolades & other talents: valedictorian in graduating class at college of the holy cross; studies classical piano; winner of numerous scholarships during college; second youngest chief White House speechwriter on record; time magazine's "100 most influential people in the world"; ranked 33rd in gq's "50 most powerful in d.c."; listed in people magazine's "world's most beautiful people" in 2009

past flames: rashida jones (maybe you've heard of her...?). he's currently single!

big moment: favs first met barry in 2004, backstage at the democratic national convention. barry was rehearsing his keynote speech & favs, then just 23 years old, interrupted him to give him an edit! a bold move indeed.

all this information & more found here.

here a few pictures to help you as you make your decision to date or not to date:


so what say you, ladies? would you date the guy behind the words of one of the most powerful men in the free world? TO DATE OR NOT TO DATE?!!!

read a really, really funny article about favs HERE.

and this just in - apparently favs is leaving us his speechwriting job! maybe that'll give him more time to date you?

also - see the slideshow of town  country's full list of top bachelors of 2013 HERE - it's actually a pretty fun scroll-through.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

happy wednesday!

so many things about these photos we took last weekend in a tribeca photobooth crack me up, not the least of which is the one we TOTALLY weren't ready for. ten smackers for the person who can spot it quickest! 

ben's eyes (make that his whole face) in the right hand second-from-the-top are pretty great. his face is real pensive in the top right, like, SO focused. the bottom left is pretty priceless as well in all its staring-off-into-the-distance glory, as is the claw-like attack i force on poor ben in the bottom right. 

goodness, the more that i think about it, something funny is going on in almost every one of these shots. these are definite framers, all right!

anyway. happy wednesday! halfway done with this here work week.

"silver linings playbook."

i've been debating for weeks whether or not to write up this post about silver linings playbook, because sometimes people get a little fidgety when it comes to movies with an r rating. but then i finally decided, you know what? i couldn't not make this post. silver linings playbook is that good.


around the end of last year i started hearing rumblings about the movie silver linings playbook & how good it was. i decided to go see it during that week ben was in africa while i hung back here in nyc finishing up my finals before joining him (i went to see it by myself! do you ever go see movies by yourself? i absolutely love doing it. it's kind of my therapeutic, "me" time. i would most definitely recommend it).

silver linings is one of those movies that isn't about some grand historical event. it's not even about a grand modern event. it's quiet. it's about normal people, living normal lives. the characters face unpleasant, real-life problems. the movie celebrates the sweet relationships between fathers and sons, the small triumphs between two people who are coming to love each other, and victories that won't shatter the world or even matter to many people outside of the small group within the movie. that being said, you can't help but get completely caught up in the "feverish, happy, sad, [and] absurdly funny ups and downs" (as said by the nyt) the characters experience. i was cheering for bradley cooper. i was crying with robert de niro, who was desperately trying to connect with his son through one of the only ways he knows how - football. i was in awe of jennifer lawrence's serious acting skills. by the end of the movie, my heart was simply soaring with happiness. soaring!

i really like sharing the things i love with the people i love, especially my benjamin, so a few weeks later i brought him along to see the movie. it was one of those things where i loved silver linings so much, i was gonna be real sad if ben didn't like it. 

but he loved it too! yes!! after the lights came up & the credits rolled, we just sat there in the theater with huge grins on our faces, soaking it all in. we then spent the whole subway ride home just talking about it all & rehashing the best parts.

silver linings playbook does have its darker themes, but! i would recommend it one hundred percent. it's probably/most definitely in my top 5 favorite movies of all time. i said i like sharing the things i love with the people i love, so consider yourself...someone i just shared something with? :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the phantom of the opera: o masked one!

disclaimer/story: i never realized that there are people out there who hate, absolutely hate, "phantom of the opera" until my freshman year at byu. i was in a writing class, which, let's talk about the kind of crowd that sort of class attracts, & one day the topic of musicals came up. this older mom-who-had-gone-back-to-school-to-finish-her-degree piped up about how much she hated "phantom." she went on & on, & a few other people chimed in in agreement. what was your 7th favorite blogger thinking this whole time? i was completely shocked. i thought everybody in the world loved "phantom." i didn't think there was even a lot of choice in the matter, as in, i thought it was just one of those things that was a given, like, right when you were born or something. but that day changed my life forever. so if you don't like "phantom," i get it. i long ago realized that that was a thing that actually happened in the world. maybe you think andrew lloyd webber is a little eccentric after seeing him pop up on american idol a few years ago??

anyway. let's move on!

ever since seeing "the phantom of the opera" at the majestic theater with lauren last november (& marveling at the relatively cheap ticket price!) i've been telling ben we absolutely need to go together. he had never seen it on stage, after all, & we love ourselves the darkness, the passion, the obsession that is "phantom of the opera," so i feel like all that is something that should probably happen in his lifetime. 

so imagine my delight when i wake up on valentine's day to find two tickets to the very next night's performance by the masked one! (we already had other plans on valentine's day proper, so we held off in order to make the holiday last allll weekennnnd).

we made a night out of it, (somewhat) dressing up & eating out & strolling through times square to get to the theater (which is actually a nightmare, times square is, especially at night, so that part was actually neither fun nor romantic, but i digress).

ben had been listening to the "phantom" soundtrack ALL WEEK LONG to prepare himself & get 10 shades of psyched up for the performance, so by the time the curtain rose at the beginning of the performance, we were just chomping at the bit. & how thrilling it was! since seeing it, we've been singing it basically non-stop around the house (so i guess it's good we don't have any teenage children right now, because i have a feeling they would be so annoyed with us by this point). we've got the hang of the music so well that if we ever go back to see the show & they come out before the performance & say the two leads have fallen ill & would anyone in the audience be willing to play the part of phantom & christine for the night, we would SO BE READY.

anyway. some pictures!

the aforementioned nightmare part of the evening, also known as times square (i'm sorry, do i sound too snobby-new yorker when i talk about times square like this?):

glorying in it all one last time after the show:

one last pec/ab grab:

this year marks phantom's 25th year on broadway! you've got to admit that's impressive. here are a few other fun facts about "the phantom of the opera":

1. did you know once upon a time they wrote a sequel to "phantom of the opera" called "love never dies"? i read the synopsis on wikipedia a few months ago & wanted to gouge my eyes out with a violin afterwards. it is AWFUL. christine & raoul's son is actually christine & THE PHANTOM'S son?? meg giry is a prostitute? raoul is moody & a drunkard?? they go to coney island? what the WHAT?! i read it, & then instantly wished i had unread it & that it never existed in the first place. HERE it is if you want to check it out, but i'm telling you! only at your own risk!
2. did i mention the phantom is ben's DREAM role? during the performance ben leaned over to me & said, "i was BORN to play the phantom of the opera." & after the mirror/phantom of the opera/music of the night 1-2-3 punch at the beginning of the play, he leans over to me again & says, "i have GOT to learn the words of that ENTIRE sequence." gosh, that ben is funny. i love it!
3. the phantom in our production was played by THIS dreamcake. i know.

thank you, o masked one, for an enjoyable evening. thank you, o husband one, for taking us to see the masked one.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

brunch + wandering.

husband & i threw caution to the wind last night & DIDN'T SET OUR ALARMS for this morning. which hasn't happened in i-can't-REMEMBER-the-last-time. we always gots to be waking up early for something. but not today, i tell you, not this saturday! so, moral of the story is, we slept in good & long & it was glorious & sleeping in is the best thing since trader joe's & we wish that could happen every day instead of once every a month or whatever crazy ratio it is & we wish we could rewind this day so the sleepage-in could happen all over again. phew. 

next story: after finally a-rolling out of bed, we looked at the sunny, brisk saturday & decided to wander about a bit, & perhaps brunch for a bit. the only obvious choice for a day like today was the city bakery on lower 5th (last seen on your 7th favorite blog here). in a word, the city bakery is delicious. it's got chunky baked goods, marshmallows the size & density of body pillows, & hot chocolate that's so thick it's bordering on soup-like conditions.

take a look at the size of these chunkers!:

chocolate soup!! & that marshmallow!! the size & density of a body pillow, i tell you.

& did i mention we got one chocolate croissant a piece?? yet one more reason to rewind the beginning of this day & have it happen all over again so we could eat those again.

after our little meal we decided to wander around tribeca a bit, which, while it is where jay-z & beyonce live, is a place we haven't explored as much as we would like. but first, but first! down the street from city bakery was a little shop with these absolutely darling easter-egg kitchen appliances. it was love at first sight:

but on to some pictures of our lower 5th & tribeca explorations:

these sweet little puuuuups at biscuits & bath!

hope your saturday was swell!


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