Saturday, February 16, 2013

brunch + wandering.

husband & i threw caution to the wind last night & DIDN'T SET OUR ALARMS for this morning. which hasn't happened in i-can't-REMEMBER-the-last-time. we always gots to be waking up early for something. but not today, i tell you, not this saturday! so, moral of the story is, we slept in good & long & it was glorious & sleeping in is the best thing since trader joe's & we wish that could happen every day instead of once every a month or whatever crazy ratio it is & we wish we could rewind this day so the sleepage-in could happen all over again. phew. 

next story: after finally a-rolling out of bed, we looked at the sunny, brisk saturday & decided to wander about a bit, & perhaps brunch for a bit. the only obvious choice for a day like today was the city bakery on lower 5th (last seen on your 7th favorite blog here). in a word, the city bakery is delicious. it's got chunky baked goods, marshmallows the size & density of body pillows, & hot chocolate that's so thick it's bordering on soup-like conditions.

take a look at the size of these chunkers!:

chocolate soup!! & that marshmallow!! the size & density of a body pillow, i tell you.

& did i mention we got one chocolate croissant a piece?? yet one more reason to rewind the beginning of this day & have it happen all over again so we could eat those again.

after our little meal we decided to wander around tribeca a bit, which, while it is where jay-z & beyonce live, is a place we haven't explored as much as we would like. but first, but first! down the street from city bakery was a little shop with these absolutely darling easter-egg kitchen appliances. it was love at first sight:

but on to some pictures of our lower 5th & tribeca explorations:

these sweet little puuuuups at biscuits & bath!

hope your saturday was swell!


  1. Love this post! It inspires me to dedicate next Saturday to sleeping in and brunching. And those shots of the city and scenery are lovely!



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