Wednesday, February 27, 2013

dd-l is funny!

day two of oscars recap. sorry, guys, but i'm already wishing i hadn't made that bold declaration about how i was going to post about a different part of the oscars every day this week. after reading my post about it yesterday, ben was like, "are you really going to post about the oscars every day this week?" & i said, "........i'm not sure." so we'll see. i might have to go back into yesterday's post & delete that whole ambitious part. 

but let me just say i do have another part from the oscars that i really enjoyed, & while it's technically wednesday, it's only, like, 12:04 am & i'm still up, so it's like it's still kind of tuesday, you know? so this counts for day 2. tuesday.

daniel day-lewis has won pretty much every award there is for acting this season (& in other seasons of his life, as well) & he's always been very earnest, grateful, & respectful in his speeches, which i love. & he looks great doing it, you know? but last night at the oscars, while his speech was eventually earnest, grateful, & respectful, for a good part of it daniel day-lewis was, well, really funny.

check it out here. i mean, how he talks about how meryl was originally going to play lincoln, & he was lined up to play margaret thatcher? i love the laughter of the audience after his first joke; they're so surprised at how funny he is being! later he gives a really sweet shout-out to his wife for putting up with all the different men he's played over the years (because he's known for being a really "method" actor). & there's one point where they cut to steven spielberg & he's just loving it. you can tell he & danny are just besties.

check out the video HERE!

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