Monday, February 11, 2013

fox face.

well, the storm has stopped, & the winds have died down, but you better believe there is squishy black slush on the streets and gobs of snow piled on cars and sidewalks everywhere. yeah. this snow probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

pink top: a-thrifted, sweater: target, skirt: a-thrifted, socks: target maybe? , heels: a-thrifted, baggy-boo: aa.

proof that our neighborhood is full of some dang old, majestically pre-war buildings in the photo below. plus ben just thought it was random & funny & wanted to snap a picture, because, hello, we take little outfit pictures in front of crappy black gates, yellowish/brown snow, & creepy fallout shelters! who are we??

sing THIS SONG to yourself while looking at the next picture, because you can bet your bottom i was singing it in my head while it was being taken. (who am i kidding? "somebody bring me some ham" is a total theme song of mine these days. i don't just sing it in my head during our 1-minute photoshoots. i sing it to ben all the time).

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