Saturday, February 23, 2013

happy birthday, sweet benjamin!

well, february 23rd has come around again. i know it's late in the day of the actual big day, but i just wanted to wish benjamin, that ocean-eyed physicist of mine, my lover & partner-in-crime, a happy birthday! ah, the big 3-8. it comes to each of us. 

just kidding. ben is the big 2-6. we joke all the time about how we're almost 40.

here is one of my absolute favorite pictures of the benny boy, taken last summer when we was here:

here's a picture taken on this very day a few years ago, back when we lived in provo. yes, it was only two years ago, but we were just tiny things:

i love the picture below. not only because of our hilarious hats, but other things too, like ben's funny/almost awkward pose that he tends to get when he's embarrassed posing while other people take our pictures, or how i'm wearing my mom's coat.

oh, benjamin. i wouldn't be able to do any kind of justice in this one tiny little blog post to even scratch the surface of how much you mean to me. how lucky i am to be married to you. how much i love how hard we laugh when we're together, how clever & interesting & fascinating you are, how i'm better because i know you, how much i learn from you, how sometimes i feel like my heart is going to explode because of how much i love you, and how other sometimes i feel like my heart aches because of how much i love you, or any of that stuff. so i'm not going to say it...except i almost kind of just did?

happy birthday, benjamin! goodness, but i love ya!

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  1. I love y'alls love! I bought those hats for jared and I, and maybe we have small heads, but they seems so huge!



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