Tuesday, February 12, 2013

iris apfel, pt. i: the clothes. the accessories. the lady.

oh! that iris apfel. even if you don't recognize her name, you might just recognize, well, her.


irreverent, sassy, & - dare i say? - iconic (but i admit i might be using that word wrong), iris apfel looks probably exactly how i want to look when i'm 90 years old. it's hard to even choose my favorite part about her look. her bright white hair? her bold glasses? the bright, chunky necklaces (& accessories in general?)? the turbans?? 

whichever look of hers is indeed best, you gotta admit this lovely bird looks snazzy. such confidence! & such a wonderful flair for drama!

read some more about her awesome style HERE, a delightful interview with the girl in her very own (saucy) words HERE, & another article about her HERE that's just plain fun.


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