Thursday, February 28, 2013

jennifer lawrence's fall TO grace.

if you heard anything at all about the oscars on sunday without actually watching it, this perhaps might have been that one thing: jennifer lawrence's little stumble on her way up to accepting the best actress award for her role in - that's right - silver linings playbook.

photo from here.

i think we can all agree jen's stumble made us love her even more than we already did. 

i mean, do we even need to talk about how there are already a million memes & GIFS reliving the fall?  you knew there would be. as soon as it happened you knew the memes & GIFs would come. because it's like, let's be honest, memes seem to slowly be taking over the internet, don't they? although i did find this one amusing:


& of course let's not forget the ever-honorable h-jaxx so gallantly running to the best actress winner's aid (sorry blurry photo, 'twas the best i could find)

check out more musings here of how the fall is an "all-time oscar moment," & the always-saucy buzzfeed's thoughts on why the fall was "the best fall in history."

i think i might call an audible & declare today the end of the we can finally finish up all this oscars nonsense!



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