Saturday, February 23, 2013

jon favreau: to date or not to date?

the other day when i was working from my boss' apartment i spotted a priceless, i mean priceless, magazine on her coffee table. it was an issue of town & country from a month or two ago, & the headline splashed across the cover was all about the "100 most eligible bachelors in the world." a few days later my boss was telling me about the issue, because one of the 100 was a greek prince who was actually a classmate of hers at georgetown. as i was flipping through pages of the usual suspects of prince harry, various other princes, sons of moguls, sons of rock stars, &, of course, tim tebow, i came across one that especially caught my eye. 

[now, even though i myself am blissfully married, i like to keep an eye out on any eligible bachelor for my readers. all 5 of you. so let me tell you about this guy i noticed!]

name: jon favreau (of french descent! you know how french men are. *wink wink* [i talk like i know])

nicknames: "favs," president obama calls him his "mind reader"

age: 32

occupation: freaking white house director of speechwriting for barack obama, besties with barry obama

accolades & other talents: valedictorian in graduating class at college of the holy cross; studies classical piano; winner of numerous scholarships during college; second youngest chief White House speechwriter on record; time magazine's "100 most influential people in the world"; ranked 33rd in gq's "50 most powerful in d.c."; listed in people magazine's "world's most beautiful people" in 2009

past flames: rashida jones (maybe you've heard of her...?). he's currently single!

big moment: favs first met barry in 2004, backstage at the democratic national convention. barry was rehearsing his keynote speech & favs, then just 23 years old, interrupted him to give him an edit! a bold move indeed.

all this information & more found here.

here a few pictures to help you as you make your decision to date or not to date:


so what say you, ladies? would you date the guy behind the words of one of the most powerful men in the free world? TO DATE OR NOT TO DATE?!!!

read a really, really funny article about favs HERE.

and this just in - apparently favs is leaving us his speechwriting job! maybe that'll give him more time to date you?

also - see the slideshow of town  country's full list of top bachelors of 2013 HERE - it's actually a pretty fun scroll-through.



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