Monday, February 11, 2013

style in & out of "out of africa."

i stumbled across a picture of our beloved meryl streep from the movie "out of africa" the other day, & it completely caught me by surprise how gorgeous she looked (but not really, you know. this is mer-bear in all her 1980's glory we're talking about). what was equally stunning, though, were her clothes! menswear mixed with feminine touches galore. we're talking slouchy tailored houndstooth for striding business-like with robby reddy, comfortable khaki for chillin' with robby reddy, bright white for when robby reddy washes her swoon worthy. but anyway. meryl! a straight up style icon strolling through the plains of africa!

scroll through these photos & see if you don't just fall in love with her "out of africa" style like i did. i dare you!

so wonderful, right? aren't those soft khakis & corals a dream? i love the highwaisted tweed, the tie, her boots, & her awesome hat. the menswear mixed with curls & pearls. the breezy linens & soft ivories. all against the sunny, grassy backdrop of africa. the shawl casually tied over khakis. the desert boots. do you see what i mean? i could go on & on! seriously. 

oh, & images of robert redford don't hurt AT ALL. obviously.


1 comment:

  1. I concur on every point. And especially about Redford.



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