Wednesday, February 27, 2013

oscar party.

here's day 3 of what i liked about the oscars: on sunday night we invited a host of friends over to watch the show at our place. & while lots of people out there slammed the oscars for being sexist, homophobic, racist, and anti-semitic, well, we didn't let that keep us from having lots of fun anyway.

when inviting everyone, we announced that there would be a little competition for whoever could make the best food that corresponded with a best picture nomination. i was so excited to see what everyone would bring, & let me just say our friends did not disappoint (that's why they're our friends, duh!). we even had little cards for people to write the "title" of their food on. at the party, after everyone was able to test everything, everyone voted on their favorite best picture food, & then we announced the winner at the end. & we even had prizes to give to the winner! i'm sad because while i was able to get pictures of a few of the foods brought, i didn't get all of them. oh well, these will have to do:

brad & liz brought a cheese plate in the spirit of les miserables:

jordan & patrick brought crabby snacks (that were so good) in honor of one of my favorites, silver linings playbook (remember how the mom always says she's made "crabby snacks & homemades" for the eagles games??)

jordan & ansley brought bone-shaped garlicky bread rolls & dip in honor of frankenweenie (which they admitted wasn't a best picture nom, but their contribution tasted so good it all didn't really matter at all!)

steph & lisa brought apricot smothering pillows in the spirit of amour (which, ben & i haven't seen the movie yet, but rumor has it someone smothers someone else at the end with a pillow...sad story, but delicious when made into a food)

chad & michelle brought a cake that was silver around the edges & a playbook on was, quite literally, a silver-lined playbook (& i stole this photo from michelle's instagram because i didn't get a picture of it in real life, fyi!) in other news, their cake received the most votes & they won the big prize at the end of the night!

i was pretty impressed with what everyone brought, mostly because ben & i found it pretty challenging to try & think up a best picture food to bring. we sent the invitations out a week before the oscars, & then spent pretty much the whole week racking our brains for what to bring. black and white cookies in honor of lincoln? (black & white cookies are such a new york staple anyway - they even talk about it on seinfeld) a clock with "00:30" written on it for zero dark thirty

in the end, we took an arguably easy road & simply made a "red carpet cake." an added bonus? we used red velvet cake mix, so when people cut the cake open, the inside was all red!...which i said represented "the blood of osama bin laden" (it was originally going to be a zero dark thirty cake, okay??)

the cake topper was kind of intense to make, & was pretty stressful there for a few minutes as we were trying to finish it up about 5 minutes before everyone came...

...but we worked it out, somewhat, in the end. our red carpet cake. voila. & this is how i know i'll probably never really have a future in the cake decorating business unless i take some classes, or something:

a few in the group, watching old seth-y up there, hosting his little (racist? sexist? anti-semitic?) heart out:

one other fun thing we did was hand out ballots to everyone listing all the categories that would be receiving awards. before the show started, everyone filled out a ballot, & then when the oscars began we all swapped ballots & corrected each other's to see who got the most guesses right. the top six (best picture, director, actor/actress, supporting actor/actress) were worth 3 points each if you got them right, the rest worth one point each. at the end of the show (we're talking around midnight, that awards ceremony was long), we tallied up the points & awarded a prize to the person who guessed the most winners correctly!

another year, another awards ceremony party successfully completed. over & out!



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