Monday, February 25, 2013

seth macfarlane's von trapp family fun.

phew! another year, another oscars ceremony. the oscars are over & done with, my friends, but the memories will never die. or will they...die another day??? (sorry. a lame joke/reference to the 20 second tribute to james bond they did during the oscars last night. although they did have shirley bassey, so that's something, right?)

anyway, i had a few favorite moments from the oscars, & one time last night when something really funny happened during the broadcast i turned to ben & i says to him, i says, "i'm totally gonna be blogging about that." so here i am. i was going to do my recaps all in one big post, but then i thought to myself, i thought, "maybe i could make it a little more special? like have a week-long thing where i share a different favorite part about the oscars every day? maybe that'll make it seem like i planned out on purpose what goes on the blog? like maybe this blog is a real thing?"

that was my thinking. i don't know. we'll see if it works. 

but this first one i'm going to share is the one I LOVE THE MOST. this was the one i told ben i was totally going to be blogging about:

so i'm not sure if i've ever mentioned before that the sound of music is one of my most favoritest ("most favoritest": i said it) movies of all time. of all time! growing up we watched it nearly every sunday (it was one of the few movies we were allowed to watch on sundays, & therefore got lots of playing time during those loooong days after church when we had nothing else to do. you know what i'm talking about, maybe). i grew up falling in love with christopher plummer on a pretty much weekly basis.

that being said, imagine my utter delight when they indulged in a little sound of music reference bit when introducing dear old christopher plummer, who was going to be presenting an award. the little bit could not have been more spot on, in my opinion. it was so, so funny! & from the sound of music! i was dying with delight. & when they zoom in on what's-his-bucket's face after the guy says they're gone? & then the swelling sound of music music when georg von trapp finally walks out on stage? oh my goodness. too much.

see it all here (you can make it through the annoying ad & the announcer at the beginning, i know you can!):

or you can check it out in the slideshow it was in on the website i got it from, here
well done on this one, oscar people! well done.

[of course, we won't talk about how christopher plummer doesn't really like the sound of music, how he hasn't made peace with the sound of music, & how he really, really doesn't like the sound of music. we won't talk about that at all *sob*]

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