Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"silver linings playbook."

i've been debating for weeks whether or not to write up this post about silver linings playbook, because sometimes people get a little fidgety when it comes to movies with an r rating. but then i finally decided, you know what? i couldn't not make this post. silver linings playbook is that good.


around the end of last year i started hearing rumblings about the movie silver linings playbook & how good it was. i decided to go see it during that week ben was in africa while i hung back here in nyc finishing up my finals before joining him (i went to see it by myself! do you ever go see movies by yourself? i absolutely love doing it. it's kind of my therapeutic, "me" time. i would most definitely recommend it).

silver linings is one of those movies that isn't about some grand historical event. it's not even about a grand modern event. it's quiet. it's about normal people, living normal lives. the characters face unpleasant, real-life problems. the movie celebrates the sweet relationships between fathers and sons, the small triumphs between two people who are coming to love each other, and victories that won't shatter the world or even matter to many people outside of the small group within the movie. that being said, you can't help but get completely caught up in the "feverish, happy, sad, [and] absurdly funny ups and downs" (as said by the nyt) the characters experience. i was cheering for bradley cooper. i was crying with robert de niro, who was desperately trying to connect with his son through one of the only ways he knows how - football. i was in awe of jennifer lawrence's serious acting skills. by the end of the movie, my heart was simply soaring with happiness. soaring!

i really like sharing the things i love with the people i love, especially my benjamin, so a few weeks later i brought him along to see the movie. it was one of those things where i loved silver linings so much, i was gonna be real sad if ben didn't like it. 

but he loved it too! yes!! after the lights came up & the credits rolled, we just sat there in the theater with huge grins on our faces, soaking it all in. we then spent the whole subway ride home just talking about it all & rehashing the best parts.

silver linings playbook does have its darker themes, but! i would recommend it one hundred percent. it's probably/most definitely in my top 5 favorite movies of all time. i said i like sharing the things i love with the people i love, so consider yourself...someone i just shared something with? :)


  1. 1. I LOVE going to movies by myself... I use to do it alll the time when I was single... just me and my bucket of soda and popcorn... so nice

    2. We LOVED SLP too! Such a good movie... and we were stuck in the front row! I feel like it's rare I'm in the front row and raving about a movie

  2. So glad I'm not the only one who goes to movies by myself! I feel like Silver Linings was slow enough that it wouldn't matter if you sat in the front row. We sat in the 2nd row for Lincoln but loved it, but that's also bc it was slow enough that you didn't get a headache trying to follow all the action.

  3. husband and i have plans to see this on our yet-to-be-determined date night! can't wait. xoxo



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