Saturday, February 9, 2013

snow leopard.

i know, i know. the title of this post is so wonderful & funny. but seriously, check out the crazy high level of snow we're seeing here in the big apple, yeah? we've kinda been holed up in our apartment the last 24 hours or so, living in sweats & hot chocolate (that's right, we lived in hot chocolate) & generally bundling up in fuzzy blankets like there's no tomorrow. oh, & we might have squeezed in a little homework here & there, as well as a viewing of the most recent "bachelor" episode that we missed (okay, this might have only been done by me, but you can believe husband wanted an overview of what happened. how about sean up & out of the blue sending the sweet girl [with one arm] home??).

we also watched "first position" with friends this weekend. it's a thrilling documentary that follows six dancers as they prepare for & compete in one of the largest youth ballet competitions in the world. we got so into it! the amount of time (and bodily pain!! ack!) that goes into ballet is mind-bloggling. oh my goodness, i would recommend this documentary from here to next wednesday (read more about "first position" here & here).

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