Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the phantom of the opera: o masked one!

disclaimer/story: i never realized that there are people out there who hate, absolutely hate, "phantom of the opera" until my freshman year at byu. i was in a writing class, which, let's talk about the kind of crowd that sort of class attracts, & one day the topic of musicals came up. this older mom-who-had-gone-back-to-school-to-finish-her-degree piped up about how much she hated "phantom." she went on & on, & a few other people chimed in in agreement. what was your 7th favorite blogger thinking this whole time? i was completely shocked. i thought everybody in the world loved "phantom." i didn't think there was even a lot of choice in the matter, as in, i thought it was just one of those things that was a given, like, right when you were born or something. but that day changed my life forever. so if you don't like "phantom," i get it. i long ago realized that that was a thing that actually happened in the world. maybe you think andrew lloyd webber is a little eccentric after seeing him pop up on american idol a few years ago??

anyway. let's move on!

ever since seeing "the phantom of the opera" at the majestic theater with lauren last november (& marveling at the relatively cheap ticket price!) i've been telling ben we absolutely need to go together. he had never seen it on stage, after all, & we love ourselves the darkness, the passion, the obsession that is "phantom of the opera," so i feel like all that is something that should probably happen in his lifetime. 

so imagine my delight when i wake up on valentine's day to find two tickets to the very next night's performance by the masked one! (we already had other plans on valentine's day proper, so we held off in order to make the holiday last allll weekennnnd).

we made a night out of it, (somewhat) dressing up & eating out & strolling through times square to get to the theater (which is actually a nightmare, times square is, especially at night, so that part was actually neither fun nor romantic, but i digress).

ben had been listening to the "phantom" soundtrack ALL WEEK LONG to prepare himself & get 10 shades of psyched up for the performance, so by the time the curtain rose at the beginning of the performance, we were just chomping at the bit. & how thrilling it was! since seeing it, we've been singing it basically non-stop around the house (so i guess it's good we don't have any teenage children right now, because i have a feeling they would be so annoyed with us by this point). we've got the hang of the music so well that if we ever go back to see the show & they come out before the performance & say the two leads have fallen ill & would anyone in the audience be willing to play the part of phantom & christine for the night, we would SO BE READY.

anyway. some pictures!

the aforementioned nightmare part of the evening, also known as times square (i'm sorry, do i sound too snobby-new yorker when i talk about times square like this?):

glorying in it all one last time after the show:

one last pec/ab grab:

this year marks phantom's 25th year on broadway! you've got to admit that's impressive. here are a few other fun facts about "the phantom of the opera":

1. did you know once upon a time they wrote a sequel to "phantom of the opera" called "love never dies"? i read the synopsis on wikipedia a few months ago & wanted to gouge my eyes out with a violin afterwards. it is AWFUL. christine & raoul's son is actually christine & THE PHANTOM'S son?? meg giry is a prostitute? raoul is moody & a drunkard?? they go to coney island? what the WHAT?! i read it, & then instantly wished i had unread it & that it never existed in the first place. HERE it is if you want to check it out, but i'm telling you! only at your own risk!
2. did i mention the phantom is ben's DREAM role? during the performance ben leaned over to me & said, "i was BORN to play the phantom of the opera." & after the mirror/phantom of the opera/music of the night 1-2-3 punch at the beginning of the play, he leans over to me again & says, "i have GOT to learn the words of that ENTIRE sequence." gosh, that ben is funny. i love it!
3. the phantom in our production was played by THIS dreamcake. i know.

thank you, o masked one, for an enjoyable evening. thank you, o husband one, for taking us to see the masked one.


  1. I am so interested in people's reasoning behind hating Phantom. How could you possibly? I mean, do I want to see it once a week for the rest of my LIFE? Prolly not, but even so, it's such a great show!

    Also, good lord I've read the Love Never Dies synopsis and what was ALW thinking?!

  2. Amen & amen! I didn't even know it was possible until a few years ago. I would be really interested in knowing why too! & ugh, Love Never Dies. What an awful thing to make ALW!



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