Wednesday, March 20, 2013


so i have a little instagram account, & here's what's been going on in that little corner of existence in the past few weeks & months, along with the priceless little captions i gave each one. check them out, if you feel like it!

"i had 'the lucky one' & an evening with a shirtless zac efron in our future, but ben wanted this gut-wrencher instead (see what i did there?). aaaaaand guess what we're watching. if that's not love, i don't know WHAT is :)"

"found this treat in a magazine. what i'm really trying to say, though, is YOU'RE WELCOME."

"you better BELIEVE this is my laptop background, because who doesn't love a little sexual tension EVERY TIME THEY'RE ON THEIR COMPUTER??"

"so there was that time we FINALLLLY updated the old passport with my new last name. just in time, too! #japan 2013."

"celebrating ben's first ever viewing of 'phantom' on the stage! a maiden voyage, if you will. @benjaminfran"

"city bakery brunchfest with ben. @benjaminfran"

"proclaiming my transportation-of-choice in t-shirt form today"

"the viewing of this flick is happening tonight at our house. feel free to judge me. #haterssomewhatwelcome."

"our big cities wall calendar features tokyo for the VERY MONTH we are going to tokyo. coincidence? i'm thinking NOT."

"arrested development: best when viewed right before sleep. (plus there's no "i" in teamocil, at least not where you'd think) @benjaminfran"

"oh target, your $5 movie selection never ceases to amaze and inspire me. movie night, anyone??"

"heaven = thrifting in long island on a saturday."

"best friends = ben & i...but also ben & his cello. oh, & a pinch of american gothic to top it all off."

"one more reason i love new york city? because we live next door to this."

"every single musician in this photo is in my ward. they're awesome! does that make everyone in attendance awesome by association? #nyc"

"when ben is out of town (like he is right now), 95% of the text conversations i have with my mom go a liiiittttllleee something like this."

"have the office to myself, will listen to The 20/20 Experience. better seven years later than never at all, jt!"

& there you have it, folks. i quick little snapshot (or several snapshots, i should say) of #lifelately. thanks for always being there for us, instagram!

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