Wednesday, March 13, 2013

park geun-hye.

did you know a woman recently won south korea's presidential election? she is the first female president that country has ever had...something that hasn't even happened in the united states yet. but i digress. park geun-hye is her name, & i don't know about you, but being the first female president of south korea is pretty awesome. 

photo via.

read more about park geun-hye & her no-nonsense attitude towards her neighbors to the north HERE. for a more general overview, HERE is her wikipedia page, because wikipedia offers comprehensive, expert, impartial, & 100% correct information all the time. haha. no, but i mean, it's a fine article. who am i kidding? this is wikipedia's world & we're all just living in it.

here's to a future with even more strong, sassy, & assured female leaders!

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