Saturday, March 9, 2013

paul mccartney at stella mccartney.

goodness, how i love paul mccartney. did i ever tell you ben & i saw him play, live, in utah? it was pretty life-changing. i'll have to tell you the story & show you some pictures sometime. 

anyway, i love looking at pictures of a young paul mccartney with his family - his wife linda, the kids elizabeth, mary, stella, & james. it's really heartening to see a rock star being all down-to-earth & spending time with his kids, you know?

his daughter stella is a fashion designer & generally a pretty big deal in the fashion world. this bit of information will be important in just a second.

paul & stella:

image from here and here and here.

anyway, i thought it was pretty impossible for me to love paul mccartney any more than i do, but then i heard about how paul always attends stella mccartney's fashion shows. i decided to do a bit of research & i came across some photos of paul, front row at his daughter's shows, & it's just so cute & great that he supports his daughter, you know?

images from here and here.

paul & a few of his kids:

image from here.

way to be a sweet father, paul.

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  1. completely obsessed with this entire post. i remember when i saw sir paul live...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEK. words honestly cannot even begin to describe, i feel ya.

    <3 love me paul + stella.



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