Monday, March 11, 2013

physics is phun and phunny.

tonight we had some business to attend to on columbia campus (so official sounding, i know), including picking up a few things from ben's office. as he was gathering his things, i wandered about in the hallway for a little bit & came across a really intense lab scattered with lots of quite fierce looking gadgets, tools, & other bits of science. how could we stay away from it all?? we decided take a look around & have a bit of fun with it all, obviously. feel free to ignore the frizziness that is my hair:

99% sure this is for window wiping. also, NITROGEN:

this one miiiiiight just be my favorite:


acids...? chemicals...? organics...?


because a computer taken completely in half is such an effective prop for an editorial shot:

speaking of editorial...this guy. AND ORANGE CAUTION SIGN:

bringing it down to table level:

& bringing it to ear level:

you guys, i'm cracking up at these. yet more proof that SCIENCE is FUN!...which is something that took me some time to learn. :)

i'd also like to formally thank the science department of columbia university for having these tools out & about so we could take pictures of them for a little bit. hee hee.

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