Saturday, March 2, 2013

subway thoughts.

it's hard not to get a little grumpy & mean in new york city, especially when you're surrounded by so many grumpy & mean new yorkers. & don't even get me started on the whole subway thing. boy oh boy how quickly does everything you've ever been taught about charity and patience fly out the window when you're on the subway. take even one second longer to move out of the way or accidentally step in front of someone & you're met with silent tension, silent hatred, masterpiece eye rolls that practically scream at you, cold stares...i'm telling you, it's a jungle out there. a concrete jungle. when i was serving my beloved mission in my beloved taiwan, people laughed at me to my face, jeered and stared, every day for a year & a half, & i gotta say, being on the subway is almost as epic a test of my patience.

so, phew! working on our lives & our selves one day at a time, aren't we all?

in the meantime, let's talk about how jumping pictures, while they're my favorite, never quite seem to work out in my favor.

also in the meantime, let's talk about how i'll unabashedly admit i was inspired by, & am basically 100% copying, this outfit. speaking of outfits, the glasses are urban outfitters, blazar h&m, turtleneck f21, leggings tj maxx, shoes are converse, lipstick is rebel by mac.

have a great day! & if you don't live in a subway-riding community, be grateful today. be so grateful. although the subway is nice because we don't have to have a car & all those payments that go along with it. ugh, the subway, such a love-hate relationship. nyc can be such a complicated place.


  1. Totally agree! I didn't know such a species of people existed before moving here from Michigan. So densely populated but no one really communicates, and when some do, it's incredibly snarky. How do people grow up to be such grumps? Subways are the worst!

  2. I know, right?! It's like no one else in the entire country...



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