Friday, March 22, 2013

tokyo bound.

so usually when ben & i travel to some exciting place i make sure to blog about it a good time beforehand to let the countdown begin. but this time? this time i failed miserably. but i'm doing it now, so it's better late than never, right? (right, justin timberlake?)

so where is the next stop for benjamin & i, you might ask? here a few clues...

we're going to have to somehow learn to navigate this behemoth (it's like the subway version of rat king or something! rat king...ew. i have 30 rock to thank for bringing that piece of folklore to my attention):

photo via.

we'll be traveling halfway around the world to go see.........a place that looks like times square, which is basically in our front yard.

photo via.

& with any luck, the cherry blossoms will start to bloom!! that's right folks, we're going to...

photo via.


& we leave pretty much...tomorrow. well, check that: ben is already there, & has been for almost a week now. he's on a research trip for school, in case you were wondering if this exotic foreign trip was any different than any other one he's been on in the last two-ish years. :)

this is a thing which is a bummer, big time, because i tend to miss that ocean-eyed man like crazy. as in, i basically go crazy. (have i mentioned it's a good thing i'm married, & not single, right now? when i'm by myself here in the apartment, i tend to get a little lazy, i order in for one, i catch up on tv shows & generally feel unmotivated socially, physically, academically, & emotionally. i just like to hang out in my pjs, you know? yes. let's all thank our lucky stars i've got benjamin around most of the time to get my behind up & moving).

but enough about my behind. TOKYO! my first time back to asia since my mission! goodness, how my heart sings with love for asia. i leave for the airport in just about 24 hours (i told you this was a last-minute post!) & i cannot wait to a. be reunited with my ocean-eyed husband, & b. traipse around the beautiful, amazing, culturally-wondrous city that is tokyo, snapping pictures & taking it all in, arm-in-arm with my numero uno travel buddy.

anyway. the stressful period of packing has begun (i still can't really figure out what the weather will be like! every day we skype i ask ben what the weather is, & so far, it's rained all day once, it's been really cold one day, pretty cold another day, & pretty sunny another. every time ben tells me about another crazy turn the weather has taken i shake my fists at the heavens & yell, "pick a weather pattern & STICK WITH IT, tokyo!"), i'm going to set about four alarms on my phone to make sure i wake up bright & early for my flight, & yes, i'm mentally preparing myself for the 13 HOUR NONSTOP PLANE RIDE. this is going to be epic, you guys. 

well, tokyo! we love you already. see you soon!

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