Saturday, March 30, 2013

tokyo trip: the third day.

the third day was a bit of a grey day. it rained (i kept saying it was "monsooning," & husband would be like, "it is NOT MONSOONING," but it totally was) the entire morning & afternoon & your 7th favorite blogger was just NOT feeling it. we managed to do some really fun stuff, though - most of which allowed us to stay under a roof. we stopped off first at the akihabara district (or ward, technically), which is famous for its insane availability of every sort of electronic device you can ever imagine. it rose to prominence as an electronics district after world war two, when japanese companies would sell their overstock of electronic devices and components under a bridge in akihabara...& the industry just stuck.

we hit up a place called yodobashi akiba, which is a gargantuan, eight floor electronics store. it was loud, bright, expensive - & really, really fun. for how cool it was, though, we didn't actually take many pictures, because we felt that would have been just unbearably touristy of us. looking back now, of course i wish we had taken more pictures. oh well. 

but check out this tv, which had an 84-INCH screen. i mean, i'm fairly tall, & this tv was ALMOST as tall as i was. imagine it!

they also had these amazing chairs that would give you full-body massages. a lot of people were trying them, so ben & tried, but for some reason the worker guy did not seem to like that we were trying them. he was, like, standing nearby the whole time kind of scowling. so this picture was...awkward to take.

later on that day we went to the tokyo national museum, which is another fun indoorsy activity when a monsoon is happening outside. ben & i have been to several more european art-centric museums, so it was so interesting & fun to hit up a museum that was full of almost exclusively japanese art. yay!

we can also talk about how the museum has little mascots, because everything in japan has its own cute little mascot:

just rows upon rows of beautiful characters. i will eternally shake my fists at the heavens for the contradictions inherent in chinese (& in this case, crossovers to japanese) characters: they're amazingly wondrous, beautiful, & expressive (a single character can express a thousand thoughts, ideas, & emotions, those suckers pack a real punch!), but gosh darn it if they're not THE hardest things in the world to learn & write. 

fell in love with these intricate, detailed kimonos:

a new life goal is to learn how to make the exact same face this guy is making, obviously:


kind of virginal, mother-mary figures, which was interesting:

um. there be a CRAB on dis pot:

we did a few other things this day, grabbed a bite to eat here & there (have i mentioned yet how much we LOVED japanese food?? we adored it. maybe i'll devote a whole post to a kind of love song to japanese food), but this third day was a good day.

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  1. Love the documentation! It looks like such a great time in Tokyo!



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