Monday, March 25, 2013

turning japanese.

phew. i made it to tokyo! i made it! 

after a 14 hour flight (which, surprisingly, wasn't that bad & didn't feel long at all), immigration & customs lines (THOSE, on the other hand, felt like a 14-hour plane ride & a half, they were so long - also, they DEFINITELY searched my suitcase at customs. maybe they thought i was trying to pull a paul mccartney?), & another hour train ride beyond that,  i finally, finally met up with a certain physicist at the ueno train station. that physicist of mine! after about a week apart, his eyes seemed especially ocean-y, his smile especially cute, his bum especially ripe for a few "good games" from his 7th favorite wife blogger - all in all, it was a reunion for the ages.

we started this morning off listening to "turning japanese," which is, of course, a classic piece anyone traveling to japan or even THINKING about traveling to japan must listen to. this time around, though, ben & i got into quite a lengthy discussion as to WHAT THIS SONG ACTUALLY MEANS. seriously! "turning japanese"? why does he really think he's turning japanese? we read all the lyrics hoping that would clear things up, but they only left us more confused than before. take a listen yourself, check out some of the lyrics...if anyone has any thoughts, at all, that could shed some light on the meaning of this song, we accept any & all takers.

more pictures coming soon. but consider the pictures below our first images out of tokyo. & lemme just give you a sneak peek right now & say WE ARE HERE FOR THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS! the cherry blossoms bloom during a 3 or 4-ish week window out of the entire year, & we're here for the best of it! & we're more than happy to share the images of our spoils. soon. right now, i'm exhausted - the time difference & the walking around ALL DAY LONG today has left me completely, just, flat.

talk to you soon!

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  1. I'm really digging Ben's mustache. Don't ever change you guys.



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