Sunday, April 28, 2013

instagram-a-rama, early spring edition.

ah, my little instagram account. check it out! unless you don't have an iphone, which i can totally understand, because we only got our first iphones like 5 months ago (androids, anyone?), or unless you don't like instagram and/or aren't joining it for reasons of your own, which i can also totally understand, because i didn't instagram for forever because i was holding my own silent protest against various forms of social media. oh i fought against the insta-temptation something fierce...but then i caved in & joined, & if i'm being completely honest, i've never regretted it for a minute. the end. but enough about that. let's get started!

okay, this first one isn't from instagram. but in church i was sitting next to a girl in the ward (ben was out of town) that is just, like, a MAGNET for all the cute kids. every week the kids flock to her & want to play. anyway, the week i was sitting by her she was already playing with one kid when this other little guy came. he didn't really want to sit on my lap but he probably felt bad for me, so then he did. we took pictures on my phone to amuse ourselves for a bit.

"making triple sure i wake up on time for my flight tomorrow, because who is NOT a morning person?...THIS girl. *points to self*

"the cherry blossoms of japan (& i'm still pinching myself to make sure this isn't all a dream)!

"more cherry blossoms, because they're kinda my new favorite thing ever."

"an afternoon at the senso-ji temple, huck finn style."

"love being serenaded by the fellow on a saturday afternoon."

"came home to this pleasant reminder of the easter breakfast the fellow cooked for me this morning."

"THIS JUST IN: i might be the worst at opening letters EVER. i mean, it looks like i took a chain saw to this poor sucker. and i say 'this just in,' but it's actually something i've known my entire life."

"feeling pretty good about this sign i saw in an elevator on columbia campus. who knew ivy leaguers could be so funny?"

"a panda situation on the feets today, and i'm not mad about it."

"seeing 'peter and the starcatcher' with a lost boy of me own, arrrrr. #piratetalk #peterpan"

"beautiful picnic in the park with friends! under the magnolia trees, no less."

"tutu and flower crown photo shoot in the park."

"it's pizza o'clock, & we couldn't be happier."

"hilarious jump rope exercise date in the park with this hopper."

"jump rope date: same exercise, new angle, new jumper."

"morning adventure to coney island!"

& that concludes this edition of instagram-a-rama. enjoy your sunday!

Friday, April 26, 2013

studies in monochromaticism: bright white.

nyc weather has finally been pulling through for us these last few days. finally. except now i'm worried i'll jinx it & it'll go back to being 49 degrees all next week. maybe, at long last, it's spring? ben & i met up on campus a few days this past week to share a little bite to eat & drop various things off for each other...& then we go back to our respective homeworks & just continue writing, calculating, researching, & etc.

so, here's to the weekend! may this glorious picture help a little bit in getting you through these next few days. i personally kinda crack up every time i see my face in this beaut.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

celebrity crush of the week/life: tilda swinton.

i'm just, i'm just obsessed with this picture. the hair, the pose, the unbuttoned sleeves, the untucked-ness, the silks & tweeds & other fabrics going on, the location...just so much swagger going on here, really, in every sense of the word, i dare say:

tilda swinton is just so awesome to me. (you might recognize her as one of the main baddies in the chronicles of narnia - the first one, at least.) she pulls off the androgynous look - & any look, really - so, so well. she's not only my celebrity crush of the week, she's my celebrity crush for life. she's one of those people to whom style just comes naturally. it's like, you can tell she just doesn't give two fs what anyone thinks about her. sorry about my language. but i just love her!

...& i'm not the only one! check out the roundup buzzfeed did of her a few days ago - it's good.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

for your consideration: "your cup of cake."

ben's mom recently sent me "your cup of cake," a delightful cookbook full of just amazing cupcake recipes. one of the coolest parts, though? this book was written by...

...ben's cousin lizzy!

isn't it so fun? the colors i tell you, the colors! plus i'm 95% sure lizzy took most of the pictures herself, which is also amazing.

& the amazing thing is every single recipe looks delicious! beat that, gwyneth paltrow.

yummm confetti cupcakes nom nom nom:

moral of the story is, i'd totally recommend "your cup of cake." the nice thing about cupcakes is they're pretty easy to make anyway, so this cookbook is full of really doable things. get it HERE! & check out lizzy's really fun, awesomesauce website/blog HERE.

&, in closing, because there was more than one book being carried around by us that day...


Thursday, April 18, 2013

studies in monochromaticism: red-y to go.

yesterday was about seventy degrees, sunny & gorgeous. but today? today it was mid-fifties & raining off and on, but since it's kinda spring now it was still humid between the showers, just the right humidity for your (or should i say "my") hair to get all sorts of frizzy. & don't you just hate when that happens?! that being said, i was going to wear different red shoes with this red-y outfit but when i found out it was raining, i kind of panicked & put on these red cowboy boots that i'm not quite sure how much i like with this outfit.

WOW, what a long explanation, mostly about boring things like the weather, for what is in actuality a small, insignificant post. sorry about that.

...& then, of course, there was the running away from this monstrous bumblebee that flew directly into my face about seven times over the course of our 3 minute photo session:

hopefully it's not raining where you are? unless you're in nyc right now, in which case, sadly, it is indisputably raining.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

ladies & gentlemen, it's sunday night!

how was your weekend? ours was a blast (thanks for asking :). friday night is our date night, & as such we grabbed some mexican food (still on the hunt for good mexican food in new york, & yes, i'm saying this after we ate at that place *sigh*) & caught a showing of peter & the starcatcher. it's a broadway play (not musical! & is it off-broadway now? not sure) that we've been hearing about, from everyone, for ages & ages & we finally were able to see it. 

AND. WE. LOVED. IT. oh my gosh, if you ever have the chance to see this play, do. it's quite child-friendly, it's surprisingly HILARIOUS (we were rolling in the aisle!...well. almost.), it's sweet, it's a prequel to the peter pan story (& who doesn't love a little peter pan in their lives?), the actor who plays peter pan is really cute (I MEAN), there are over-the-top british accents galore, it uses props & sets in a way i've never seen before (there was a cast of about 12 people, who all play several parts, & they do their own props - they would bend or wiggle a long rope to become the waves of the ocean, a doorway, a "bird" was a yellow rubber glove that they flapped around, it was glorious), & more! we loved it.

on saturday was a brunch with friends for me, tutoring & work all day for ben, a bunch of errands for me in the afternoon, a long run for me (it's ragnar training season, y'all!), & some unfortunate but necessary homework time for both of us. that night we headed up to this really southern-style restaurant in harlem (that stays open til 5 am!) with these guys to grab some chicken & waffles. you read that right: fried chicken. & waffles. eaten together! nyc is actually full to bursting with good chicken & waffles places, so we decided to try out the trend. ben & i were a little skeptical at first (who wouldn't be??), but OH MAN, fried chicken on top of a fat waffle drizzled in syrup? I'M A BELIEBER!! i'm kind of on a new quest to find the best chicken & waffles place in the city. join me!

hope your weekend was stellar!

turtleneck: f21 (we're so, SO close to being out of the dregs of turtleneck season, although i do like me a black turtleneck), necklace: thrifted, skirt: thrifted (guess who wore a leather skirt to church? this girl, rawr), tights: f21, boots: h&m. now that i'm looking at these pictures, i almost wished i had ditched the necklace for the day. but that's neither here nor there.

& in closing, a thought from our favorite nature/national geographic photographer-in-training:

Friday, April 12, 2013


this facebook commercial has been popping up on the tube often these past few days. & oh my gosh, that tuba. never mind what's happening in the commercial - to be honest, it really bothers me how he turns his phone back on even after the flight attendant tells him it's time to turn it off, i mean, is it true or is it true that the dumbest & most disobedient people somehow always end up together on an airplane, & always the airplane you're on? - but just let this tuba riff help take you off on a dreamy plane ride into the sky.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

blogging shirts.

one time, a while ago, ben & i were in times square & i saw this kid with a shirt on that read "your blog sucks." it was kinda funny (although we weren't allowed to use the word "suck" growing up in my house, & i still never really say it), mostly because a shirt like that most definitely divides bloggers into two camps: those who find it funny, & those who are offended by it...but doesn't almost everything these days divide people into those two camps??? but i digress. that's for another post, another day.

anyway, after coming home i did some research on other funny blogging shirts for your benefit & entertainment. if i had to choose any to wear around tomorrow all day, it'd be the third.

thanks for giving us a few laughs, blogging shirts.

Monday, April 8, 2013

an evening flushing.

that cello fellow of mine occasionally plays in music groups, string quartets, & other melodic get-togethers. this last weekend was no different - the cello fellow played in a string quartet for a wedding out in queens. queens, y'all!

we've heard from several different people that while there's a chinatown here in manhattan, way out in flushing, queens is where the real chinatown is. so when the benjamin had his quartet rehearsal out there on friday night, i zipped on out there to meet up with him afterwards for some legit chinatown goodness - because heaven knows we haven't done enough asian things lately. or not.

we had a great time wandering about for a bit, ordering yummy drinks & wandering through the asian grocery stores with sweet benny patiently listening as i blabbed on & on about taiwan, asian things, asian food, & asia in general. after the blabbage deluge, we grabbed some food & remembered how great chinese food is because it is nice & cheap. check out some pictures:

donggua cha with zhenzhu & a fried breakfast pancake??! i was in heaven:

the next few pictures were taken when we wandered into a market. while i wandered about, ben took pictures. i find things like this a fascinating, funny little peek into what he finds interesting & picture-worthy:

durian are scary & smelly, & they will attack when provoked or if you make direct eye contact:

oh, you know, just stache & cat shirt out on a date, crushing & blushing in flushing, et cetera:

we were served a pot full of tea we don't drink, but it was still a nice thing to have around, authenticity-wise:

kinda fell in love with these exceptionally little soy sauce saucers:

ben's choice: general tso's chicken & broccoli. see those dark red peppers, with that jumbo one on top? yikes! ben didn't try any, luckily, & i dare say that's the sole reason he's still alive today:

my choice: beef noodle soup. so. good:

the crazy/funny thing is i really love more than half of the stuff on this little blue table menu thing. give me some red bean soup or peanut soup & it's game over. yum:

anyway, the verdict? flushing is the bomb. grab a book, hop on the 7 train at times square, & it's totally worth a ride out there. thanks for a good time, flushing!


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