Monday, April 8, 2013

an evening flushing.

that cello fellow of mine occasionally plays in music groups, string quartets, & other melodic get-togethers. this last weekend was no different - the cello fellow played in a string quartet for a wedding out in queens. queens, y'all!

we've heard from several different people that while there's a chinatown here in manhattan, way out in flushing, queens is where the real chinatown is. so when the benjamin had his quartet rehearsal out there on friday night, i zipped on out there to meet up with him afterwards for some legit chinatown goodness - because heaven knows we haven't done enough asian things lately. or not.

we had a great time wandering about for a bit, ordering yummy drinks & wandering through the asian grocery stores with sweet benny patiently listening as i blabbed on & on about taiwan, asian things, asian food, & asia in general. after the blabbage deluge, we grabbed some food & remembered how great chinese food is because it is nice & cheap. check out some pictures:

donggua cha with zhenzhu & a fried breakfast pancake??! i was in heaven:

the next few pictures were taken when we wandered into a market. while i wandered about, ben took pictures. i find things like this a fascinating, funny little peek into what he finds interesting & picture-worthy:

durian are scary & smelly, & they will attack when provoked or if you make direct eye contact:

oh, you know, just stache & cat shirt out on a date, crushing & blushing in flushing, et cetera:

we were served a pot full of tea we don't drink, but it was still a nice thing to have around, authenticity-wise:

kinda fell in love with these exceptionally little soy sauce saucers:

ben's choice: general tso's chicken & broccoli. see those dark red peppers, with that jumbo one on top? yikes! ben didn't try any, luckily, & i dare say that's the sole reason he's still alive today:

my choice: beef noodle soup. so. good:

the crazy/funny thing is i really love more than half of the stuff on this little blue table menu thing. give me some red bean soup or peanut soup & it's game over. yum:

anyway, the verdict? flushing is the bomb. grab a book, hop on the 7 train at times square, & it's totally worth a ride out there. thanks for a good time, flushing!

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