Tuesday, April 23, 2013

celebrity crush of the week/life: tilda swinton.

i'm just, i'm just obsessed with this picture. the hair, the pose, the unbuttoned sleeves, the untucked-ness, the silks & tweeds & other fabrics going on, the location...just so much swagger going on here, really, in every sense of the word, i dare say:

tilda swinton is just so awesome to me. (you might recognize her as one of the main baddies in the chronicles of narnia - the first one, at least.) she pulls off the androgynous look - & any look, really - so, so well. she's not only my celebrity crush of the week, she's my celebrity crush for life. she's one of those people to whom style just comes naturally. it's like, you can tell she just doesn't give two fs what anyone thinks about her. sorry about my language. but i just love her!

...& i'm not the only one! check out the roundup buzzfeed did of her a few days ago - it's good.

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