Sunday, April 21, 2013

for your consideration: "your cup of cake."

ben's mom recently sent me "your cup of cake," a delightful cookbook full of just amazing cupcake recipes. one of the coolest parts, though? this book was written by...

...ben's cousin lizzy!

isn't it so fun? the colors i tell you, the colors! plus i'm 95% sure lizzy took most of the pictures herself, which is also amazing.

& the amazing thing is every single recipe looks delicious! beat that, gwyneth paltrow.

yummm confetti cupcakes nom nom nom:

moral of the story is, i'd totally recommend "your cup of cake." the nice thing about cupcakes is they're pretty easy to make anyway, so this cookbook is full of really doable things. get it HERE! & check out lizzy's really fun, awesomesauce website/blog HERE.

&, in closing, because there was more than one book being carried around by us that day...



  1. This is awesome! And the book comparison at the end was just hilarious. And kind of made my brain hurt just looking at it.

  2. Aw, I just found this! You are too sweet! I hope to see you both at the family reunion this summer, and yes I did take all of the photos and am currently working on Book #2!



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