Sunday, April 28, 2013

instagram-a-rama, early spring edition.

ah, my little instagram account. check it out! unless you don't have an iphone, which i can totally understand, because we only got our first iphones like 5 months ago (androids, anyone?), or unless you don't like instagram and/or aren't joining it for reasons of your own, which i can also totally understand, because i didn't instagram for forever because i was holding my own silent protest against various forms of social media. oh i fought against the insta-temptation something fierce...but then i caved in & joined, & if i'm being completely honest, i've never regretted it for a minute. the end. but enough about that. let's get started!

okay, this first one isn't from instagram. but in church i was sitting next to a girl in the ward (ben was out of town) that is just, like, a MAGNET for all the cute kids. every week the kids flock to her & want to play. anyway, the week i was sitting by her she was already playing with one kid when this other little guy came. he didn't really want to sit on my lap but he probably felt bad for me, so then he did. we took pictures on my phone to amuse ourselves for a bit.

"making triple sure i wake up on time for my flight tomorrow, because who is NOT a morning person?...THIS girl. *points to self*

"the cherry blossoms of japan (& i'm still pinching myself to make sure this isn't all a dream)!

"more cherry blossoms, because they're kinda my new favorite thing ever."

"an afternoon at the senso-ji temple, huck finn style."

"love being serenaded by the fellow on a saturday afternoon."

"came home to this pleasant reminder of the easter breakfast the fellow cooked for me this morning."

"THIS JUST IN: i might be the worst at opening letters EVER. i mean, it looks like i took a chain saw to this poor sucker. and i say 'this just in,' but it's actually something i've known my entire life."

"feeling pretty good about this sign i saw in an elevator on columbia campus. who knew ivy leaguers could be so funny?"

"a panda situation on the feets today, and i'm not mad about it."

"seeing 'peter and the starcatcher' with a lost boy of me own, arrrrr. #piratetalk #peterpan"

"beautiful picnic in the park with friends! under the magnolia trees, no less."

"tutu and flower crown photo shoot in the park."

"it's pizza o'clock, & we couldn't be happier."

"hilarious jump rope exercise date in the park with this hopper."

"jump rope date: same exercise, new angle, new jumper."

"morning adventure to coney island!"

& that concludes this edition of instagram-a-rama. enjoy your sunday!

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  1. android. love it. but I take most of my instagram pictures on my husband's iPhone because... the camera is better. obvs.



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