Sunday, April 14, 2013

ladies & gentlemen, it's sunday night!

how was your weekend? ours was a blast (thanks for asking :). friday night is our date night, & as such we grabbed some mexican food (still on the hunt for good mexican food in new york, & yes, i'm saying this after we ate at that place *sigh*) & caught a showing of peter & the starcatcher. it's a broadway play (not musical! & is it off-broadway now? not sure) that we've been hearing about, from everyone, for ages & ages & we finally were able to see it. 

AND. WE. LOVED. IT. oh my gosh, if you ever have the chance to see this play, do. it's quite child-friendly, it's surprisingly HILARIOUS (we were rolling in the aisle!...well. almost.), it's sweet, it's a prequel to the peter pan story (& who doesn't love a little peter pan in their lives?), the actor who plays peter pan is really cute (I MEAN), there are over-the-top british accents galore, it uses props & sets in a way i've never seen before (there was a cast of about 12 people, who all play several parts, & they do their own props - they would bend or wiggle a long rope to become the waves of the ocean, a doorway, a "bird" was a yellow rubber glove that they flapped around, it was glorious), & more! we loved it.

on saturday was a brunch with friends for me, tutoring & work all day for ben, a bunch of errands for me in the afternoon, a long run for me (it's ragnar training season, y'all!), & some unfortunate but necessary homework time for both of us. that night we headed up to this really southern-style restaurant in harlem (that stays open til 5 am!) with these guys to grab some chicken & waffles. you read that right: fried chicken. & waffles. eaten together! nyc is actually full to bursting with good chicken & waffles places, so we decided to try out the trend. ben & i were a little skeptical at first (who wouldn't be??), but OH MAN, fried chicken on top of a fat waffle drizzled in syrup? I'M A BELIEBER!! i'm kind of on a new quest to find the best chicken & waffles place in the city. join me!

hope your weekend was stellar!

turtleneck: f21 (we're so, SO close to being out of the dregs of turtleneck season, although i do like me a black turtleneck), necklace: thrifted, skirt: thrifted (guess who wore a leather skirt to church? this girl, rawr), tights: f21, boots: h&m. now that i'm looking at these pictures, i almost wished i had ditched the necklace for the day. but that's neither here nor there.

& in closing, a thought from our favorite nature/national geographic photographer-in-training:


  1. I didn't know Peter and the Starcatchers was on Broadway. We love that book! Actually, the entire series is really excellent.

  2. Wahoo Fish Tacos- kinda in flatiron... that's the best mexican we've found here... and it's a kinda lame chain in the west haha

  3. Ok, so were you dying when Hook cut off his hand? I cannot remember laughing that hard for that long in at least the last five years. It makes me laugh still, just thinking about it! I think I need to go again.



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