Thursday, April 18, 2013

studies in monochromaticism: red-y to go.

yesterday was about seventy degrees, sunny & gorgeous. but today? today it was mid-fifties & raining off and on, but since it's kinda spring now it was still humid between the showers, just the right humidity for your (or should i say "my") hair to get all sorts of frizzy. & don't you just hate when that happens?! that being said, i was going to wear different red shoes with this red-y outfit but when i found out it was raining, i kind of panicked & put on these red cowboy boots that i'm not quite sure how much i like with this outfit.

WOW, what a long explanation, mostly about boring things like the weather, for what is in actuality a small, insignificant post. sorry about that.

...& then, of course, there was the running away from this monstrous bumblebee that flew directly into my face about seven times over the course of our 3 minute photo session:

hopefully it's not raining where you are? unless you're in nyc right now, in which case, sadly, it is indisputably raining.

1 comment:

  1. You crack me up. I want to know if that last one was a candid or staged :)



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