Sunday, April 7, 2013

the priceless signs of tokyo.

we've all seen the funny signs in asian country with translation into english that get a little, uh, lost. tokyo was absolutely no different. we made sure to capture some of these gems the entire time we were in japan, & have included them in this post for your viewing pleasure. so let's get started!

wanna go get your "hair & make" done?

just take a minute to stop & think about how the car in the sign below could possibly, truly make that path of those wheel lines:

something really awesome about tokyo is there is no smoking allowed on the sidewalks. at all! they have little stations here & there that are the only places one is allowed to smoke. something even MORE awesome about japan are the types of "no smoking"signs they have. like this one, where the cigarette is HUGE. i mean, that sucker's the size of, like, a RIFLE or something:

or this sad little dude-a-doo, giving off a cool vibe, hands in pockets, slumped over, just wanderin' around, tryin' to find a home:

in japan, many cigarettes have legs, & feet:

i'll give you one guess as to what kind of food they serve at ducky duck:

if you look closely at this sign, it has some pretty good ones: "not to bring any alchols," that first one that says, "not to play with badmitton, frisbee, soccer, ball and the other sports with some tools." the instrument one is pretty good too:

um...this sign wants everyone not to be mean to each other...?

i mean, holy guacamole is this guy coughing up a storm. ben & i went around the rest of the week pretending to cough & sneeze on each other really loudly.

don't walk across the street, or the lightning bolts. the LIGHTNING BOLTS! :)

& this one at the zoo: don't feed the monkeys or they'll come down with something & have to lay up in bed for several days! obviously:

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