Saturday, April 6, 2013

tokyo street style.

holy moley, but tokyo street style is crazy inspiring. & bright. & otherworldly. the nice thing is, a lot of tokyo fashion is getups that would actually work & be acceptable on the streets of new york city! there were so many outfits i could envision myself wearing out & about...but then, more often than not, the fashion is just so outrageous it's mostly just fun to look at. 

so, what else could i do but join the proud ranks of street style fashion photographers a la bill cunningham and scott schuman? i do own it to my three readers, after all.

looking through these photos at the end of our trip, ben said, "...& you'll notice all these are pictures of the people from behind." okay, so maybe i wasn't as brave as bill & scott to go up to people & photograph them from the front. I DON'T SPEAK JAPANESE!!! i prefer the idea that i was more undercover, more suave, more incognito. :)

anyway. BEHOLD! tokyo street style! FEAST YOUR EYES!:

this was a male, & a bit blurry (the photo, not the actual person):

i just loved the girl in the white sweatshirt: "banana seven."

captured a photo of these two on tokyo university campus. it was graduation season, & apparently all the commencing female undergrads dress quite traditionally to celebrate the day (although the dark robes are still worn for the actual ceremony).

read another wonderful shakedown of tokyo street fashion HERE.

awesome & inspring, no???

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