Friday, May 24, 2013

summer reading list.

my finals are officially OVER! i am so happy to at last bid farewell to the semester & welcome summer in all its gloriousness & humidity (ah, nyc summers). 

{{in case you were wondering, i wrote a total of 47 pages for three final papers; for my magical realism class i wrote a paper called "'in the humidity of the forest these cruel refinements do not exist': clarice lispector's treatment of race and the female consciousness in 'the smallest woman in the world,'" for my canterbury tales class i wrote a paper called "'constant as a wall': a defense of griselda," and for my renaissance encounters/travel literature class my paper was "'must i hold a candle to my shames?': gender politics, conversion, and the jewish daughters of the merchant of venice and the jew of malta." soooo interesting, i know. :) luckily i was pretty interested in & passionate about my paper topics, so while my papers were kind of grueling & painstaking, i had a really fun time writing them! is that a nerd alert?!...i'm also realizing i really like to put direct direct quotes into my paper titles, at least this semester.}}

anyway, over the course of this now-ended (yes!) semester i've been compiling a list of books to read when i finally have the time to read what i want. & now that the semester is (finally!) over, i can start the book-devour-age. anyway, here's the list i have, & remember, i am nothing if not ambitious:

*freedom, jonathan franzen (chosen with an awareness of the fact that our last names are very creepy similar. i should also note i just finished this one tonight, but i'm kind of an ocd list-taker & love nothing more than crossing something off a list)
*nw, zadie smith (or maybe white teeth? i've been hearing oodles about zadie. time to see what all the fuss is about)
*telegraph avenue, michael chabon (maybe?)
*the fault in our stars, john green (some young adult fun, but i've been hearing a ton about this one, so why not?)
*midnight's children, salman rushdie (taking a class on magical realism this last semester has really just made me even more excited about the genre, if that's even possible)
*infinite jest, david foster wallace (i've seen the size of this one & it's a doozy. so, fingers crossed?)
*cutting for stone, abraham verghese (a story that takes place in both ethiopia and nyc, two places i love)
*lolita, vladimir nabokov (i've had this on my to-read list forever)
*something by dreiser (i'm thinking an american tragedy?), virginia woolf, george eliot, ken follet?

*just kids, patti smith (this one's up next for me! probably am going to start it right after i finish this post)
*the book of mormon girl, joanna brooks (mofems unite--but even while i try not to, that phrase "mofem" makes me give the side eye just the slightest bit. does that mean i'm not one?)
*sedaris, sedaris, sedaris. i haven't chosen one in particular yet.
*a supposedly fun thing i'll never do again, david foster wallace (something i picked up after all the cruise debauchery in recent months)
*family ties, clarice lispector (if you'll refer back to the paper i wrote for my magical realism class, you'll see it was about homegirl clarice lispector. i figure, after writing 20-ish pages about her, i owe it to her to read some more of her stuff)
*a moveable feast, ernest hemingway (oh ernie!)

eeks. now that i look over this list it seems woefully lacking in, i don't know, brilliance. but i guess that's the beauty of summer reading, right? wish me luck!!

what are you reading this summer? anything you're just dying with excitement about & want to share with me?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

conversations with a 2-year-old.

don't you love conversing with little, little kids because they say such funny things? it almost makes me excited for having tiny kids of our own just so i can have really hilarious conversations with them while pulling a really, really straight face the whole time. this video was made by a guy who actually had the conversation in the video with his 2-year-old daughter, but replaced her with a grown man. the article this video was featured in says that putting the words of a 2-year-old & putting them in the mouth of a grown man really makes "the malevolence and intimidation shine through." 

on a related note, the 13 creepiest things a child has ever said to a parent. ha! you'll wanna check out the link. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

if "star wars" was british.

the british, star wars, kate middleton & prince william, chewbacca. lots of favorites all in one picture...& it's almost like they're looking at this text. hee hee.

photo, & i daresay kinda similar to this?

Monday, May 20, 2013

we/i love you, david beckham.

in honor of david beckham's retirement (*tear*), let's talk about how hilarious he was on the ellen degeneres show a few years ago. oh my gosh, you guys, i was rolling on the floor. this is so funny.

doesn't it make you love him even more?? he's really funny!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

"the great gatsby" soundtrack: my top 5.

the great gatsby movie soundtrack came out a few days before the actual movie did; i was so excited about the releases of both that i wrote them down in my planner (is that a nerd alert?). "buy gatsby soundtrack!!" was written on may 7th, & simply "GATSBY" in all caps written on the 10th. it should hopefully come as no surprise that i sometimes fangirl about stuff, & i kinda love fangirling about stuff. it's fun to occasionally really get excited about something, yeah?

anyhoodles, i personally find the album, executive produced by jay-z, brilliant. one critic (in this amazingly articulate article that i wish i had written) captures the essence & reasoning behind the album perfectly: "just as fitzgerald peppered his text with references to jazz-influenced pop songs to show how that music became a lingua franca, so this soundtrack aims to show how hip-hop now deeply informs rock, dance music and the top 40."

now, i know jay-z can be incredibly polarizing, as can baz luhrmann & his empire. that's okay. nonetheless i've compiled a list of my top 5 absolutely favorite songs from the album. to be honest, it was an incredibly hard process because i think pretty much every song is really great (do i dare say out loud that jay-z knows his stuff??). anyway, here it goes:

1. "kill & run," sia. 

when ben first heard this song he asked, "is this adele? because it sounds like adele." & while it's not adele, that's actually a good thing, because now we know there are two people in the world who have incredible, powerhouse voices. this is my favorite song on the soundtrack. it's heartbreaking, it's powerful, it captures all the yearning & pain of the movie - & the book, i daresay. oh, who am i kidding with all this writerly mumbo jumbo, what i'm trying to say is this song is SO freaking GOOOOOOOD!!!!

2. "love is the drug," bryan ferry & the bryan ferry orchestra.

just a few seconds of listening will demonstrate how close this song comes to feeling "authentically" from the 20's. ooh, i love it. those first few seconds of chords. it all feels so speakeasy...not that i would  really know what a speakeasy is like, except for that one "downton" episode where cousin matthew, edith, & co. find the random what's-her-bucket cousin has gone & snuck off to one

3. "100$ Bill," jay-z. (i searched high & low for an edited version to no avail.)

i was already a fan of this song, but then i saw the movie & loved it even more. why? because the scene that features this song is just, it's a perfect fit. in my opinion. this is all my opinion, guys. :) but anyway, the scene, plus this song, kinda gives viewers a good wake-up call into the just how sleazy are the dealings the enigmatic jay gatsby is involved in. 

4. "over the love," florence + the machine.

i mean, flo has got the pipes. & i love how elements of the gatsby story are woven into the lyrics. it's that chanting of "i can see the green light, i can see it in your eyes," that moment from about 3:21 on that really puts this song on the list for me.

5. "hearts a mess," gotye.

i was excited to find out there was a song by gotye on the album - i've been so ready to like him for more than just "somebody that i used to know" for a while now, you know? & i suppose i am predisposed to like him because he's european, & seems really cute & nice. & oh my, did he prove himself with this song. it's just, it's just delightful to me. that line, "but i'm desperate to connnnnect," i am obsessed with how it sounds. this is a good one. emotional. but what else do you expect from the guy who sang "somebody that i used to know"??

RUNNERS-UP (RUNNER-UPS?): "where the wind blows" by coco o. is such a great one & almost, almost, made the list. "bang bang" by is one where i can appreciate a solid effort at incorporating non-anachronistic, legitimately-from-the-1920's music into the song.

so go give the album a listen!

Friday, May 17, 2013

cute earrings.

oh, little bee earrings? oh those are pretty nice.

WHAT LITTLE FROGS TOO?? okay those are even cuter.


all these earrings & more found here (but no surprise there, amiright?)

Thursday, May 16, 2013


oh my gosh, this show. we're obsessed. are you watching it? (it's intense! there are moments here & there in the first few episodes when scenes need to be edited, but then it cleans up relatively considerably) & of course we love saul berenson. a guy that can do inigo montoya, broadway, and an emmy & golden-globe winning cia/terrorist drama is an absolute winner.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


i've talked about my love for mindy kaling on this blog before (here, & here, for starters). i've also known for awhile that she herself keeps a bloggy blog, but i had never gotten around to going on over there to have a look at it. 

anyway, tonight after the AMAZING AND EPIC SEASON FINALE of the mindy project i stumbled into her blog as i was reading a few interwebby then took me about .2 seconds of reading mindy's words before i shouted out loud (ben's outta town, i do what i wannnn), "okay, WHY HAVE I WAITED SO LONG TO READ THE BLOG OF MINDY KALING?!?"

so as soon as i turn in my last final paper next week (turned in two papers tonight, 30-ish pages total, fun [ish?] times) you can bet one of the first things i do is get all sorts of caught up on mindy's blog...which won't be too hard, seeing as the last time she posted was january of 2012. so.

CHECK IT OUT, if you want.

photo from.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

anniversary weekend bonanza: newsies.

ben & i celebrate two years of being married this tuesday (may 14th, woot woot!). coincidentally, this tuesday is also the day ben leaves for vancouver for school/work trip, so we decided to use that as an excuse to celebrate our anniversary the ENTIRE WEEKEND BEFORE. 

that being said, my dear husband of 2 years surprised me with TICKETS TO NEWSIES as part of our anniversary weekend bonanza. now, if you know me, you know i love newsies...if you know this blog, you might have come across a newsies reference from me here & there (as in here, here, or here, just to name a few, hee hee). so while it's no secret i've been dying (dying) to see newsies on broadway, it was a surprise when husband came home with the means to go see it.

oh my goodness, but that NEWSIES!! it was everything i dreamed & hoped it would be & more. it's bright, it's so energetic, it's fun...i don't even know how to describe it. i just had a huge grin on my face the entire time, tapping out the beat on ben's shoulder, nerding out & fangirling over the shirtless dancing newsies (of which there were MANY, haha) & quietly (& sometimes not so quietly) singing along to all the songs (although they've switched up a TON of lyrics for broadway, & a lot of the storyline, & while they were all good changes, it threw me off sufficiently for the first few minutes). it was all a dream come true & the most perfect anniversary gift. i'm just overtly gushing now, but gosh. plus that jack kelly!!!! i mean, dreamboat central, am i right?? tee hee.

i mean, just look at some of the amazingness HERE.

a dream come true in glowing white lights:

loved these big posters lining the street the theater was on.

& a few snappy snapshots of my outfit, because nothing says "happy anniversary" like powder blue high-waisted bell-bottom vintage pants:

a 2 year anniversary is perfect because you can do peace signs in photos & it's like it has a double meaning:

ben always loves to snap candid & generally unattractive photos as i'm walking back over to him & i'll be like, "ben!" & he'll be all, "sorry/not sorry!"

speaking of that dapper ben, here's a quick glimpse at, like, the ONE picture he let me take with so many people around:

look at me! i'm the king of new yoorrrkkkkk! & one of the best parts about newsies was that it was only the beginning of an amazing anniversary bonanza weekend.

Friday, May 10, 2013

hello, is it me you're looking for?

no, but really. every time i wear this sweatshirt i just want to go up to random people & be all, "hello!!! it me you're looking for?" that sort of thing. also maybe, no DEFINITELY, a little something like this.

i mean really, i'd just walk up & say "hello!" while pointing to the sweatshirt...

...& follow it up with a "is it me you're looking for?" i'm confident that will help me win friends & influence people.

i'll give you a hint: whenever i wear sunglasses in these silly outfit pictures, it's definitely because i'm wearing little to no makeup. i wear sunglasses to hide those zombie eyes, you (perhaps unwillingly) look at pictures of me wearing sunglasses & therefore don't have to see those zombie eyes. win-win.

i'm in that painful last long stretch of finals & have got books, papers, references, scholarly journals, you name it, coming out of my ears. but the end is in sight, i say! the end is in sight!...& i want to tell you so much........i love you. (okay, this last little bit won't work/will be super awkward unless you know or had clicked on the links earlier in this post)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

threshold dollhouse.

on monday & tuesday of this week there was a "dollhouse" set up in grand central station. the dollhouse was set up to promote a bunch of cute home decor items through threshold, which is a brand sold at - where else? - target! so not yesterday but the day before kathryn & i headed down to check it out. 

are you ready to be SO inspired by home decor??? let's get started, then!

i really appreciated the colors happening here:

pictures of kathryn taking pictures:

loved these guys, obviously.

in other news, has anyone read an object of beauty by steve martin (pictured below)? i've never read it but i've always thought about it, because, i mean, STEVE MARTIN wrote A BOOK. (& has actually written several!)

peoniesssss (& the "s" & "p" salt & pepper shakers!!):

that time they were filming something in the bedroom for 45 minutes so we had to wait to go in there & check it out:

but check out the oven mitts that had little spoons on them! i die for articles of clothing & other tidbits that have small, cute, repeating patterns on them:

but then after dinner, i was like...

see that huge bandaid on my elbow? i like to keep things classssssy, post-ragnar.

plus a picture in which i received a surprisingly large amount of air trying to click my heels together. i guess when you try to take a "newsies"-type picture, you receive magic powers. who knew??:

after this picture we tried opening the front door & it wouldn't open, which is pretty anticlimactic. but then later we saw people opening it & going i guess we just didn't try hard enough? #idontknow...& can i point out kathryn's hand is pointing way down in this picture? that's like a trick of the body? i just tried to point my hand down that much & it hurt like the dickens. #talentedfriends


the whole thing. the lights of grand central station! gorgeous.

there was actually something in the mailbox! it was like a rolled-up poster or something.

the "backyard" had fake grass that felt just like summer. is it SO sad & new york-ish of us that we were loving the grass even though it was fake? we miss backyards! ha.

playing with hedge art in the "backyard":

moral of the story is, target's threshold line has some really cute home decor stuff right now, & it was fun to be able to check it all out among the beauty that is grand central station. it's also fun to live in a place where big fun events like this happen all the time! so head to your nearest target! know, if you want to. :)


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