Sunday, May 12, 2013

anniversary weekend bonanza: newsies.

ben & i celebrate two years of being married this tuesday (may 14th, woot woot!). coincidentally, this tuesday is also the day ben leaves for vancouver for school/work trip, so we decided to use that as an excuse to celebrate our anniversary the ENTIRE WEEKEND BEFORE. 

that being said, my dear husband of 2 years surprised me with TICKETS TO NEWSIES as part of our anniversary weekend bonanza. now, if you know me, you know i love newsies...if you know this blog, you might have come across a newsies reference from me here & there (as in here, here, or here, just to name a few, hee hee). so while it's no secret i've been dying (dying) to see newsies on broadway, it was a surprise when husband came home with the means to go see it.

oh my goodness, but that NEWSIES!! it was everything i dreamed & hoped it would be & more. it's bright, it's so energetic, it's fun...i don't even know how to describe it. i just had a huge grin on my face the entire time, tapping out the beat on ben's shoulder, nerding out & fangirling over the shirtless dancing newsies (of which there were MANY, haha) & quietly (& sometimes not so quietly) singing along to all the songs (although they've switched up a TON of lyrics for broadway, & a lot of the storyline, & while they were all good changes, it threw me off sufficiently for the first few minutes). it was all a dream come true & the most perfect anniversary gift. i'm just overtly gushing now, but gosh. plus that jack kelly!!!! i mean, dreamboat central, am i right?? tee hee.

i mean, just look at some of the amazingness HERE.

a dream come true in glowing white lights:

loved these big posters lining the street the theater was on.

& a few snappy snapshots of my outfit, because nothing says "happy anniversary" like powder blue high-waisted bell-bottom vintage pants:

a 2 year anniversary is perfect because you can do peace signs in photos & it's like it has a double meaning:

ben always loves to snap candid & generally unattractive photos as i'm walking back over to him & i'll be like, "ben!" & he'll be all, "sorry/not sorry!"

speaking of that dapper ben, here's a quick glimpse at, like, the ONE picture he let me take with so many people around:

look at me! i'm the king of new yoorrrkkkkk! & one of the best parts about newsies was that it was only the beginning of an amazing anniversary bonanza weekend.


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